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Q. Molana Saad has mentioned that those who leave Banglawali Masjid are murtads. This is a direct attack on Hazarat Molana Ebrahim Dewla Saheb who is Molana Saad’s Ustaad, and upon Molana Ahmed Laat. These two elders had left as they disagreed with Molana Saad. Is Molana Saad’s verdict correct regarding them?

A. If what you say is correct, then Molvi Sa’d is guilty of a great crime. He should then fear the charge of irtidaad rebounding on himself. It is utterly disgusting to brand these seniors ‘murtad’ merely because they left Nizaamiddin.


Q. Molana Saad mentioned that those who do the work of da’wat with ikhlaas they will receive a status higher than the Ambiyaa. Is this correct?

A. This statement is kufr. It is a statement in emulation of Shiahs who believe that the status of their imams is higher than the rank of the Ambiya.


Q. Molana Saad’s followers have resolved that they will conduct Quran Translation Halqas in the masajid. This was decided in their meeting in Cape Town. Is this correct?

A. No, it is not proper for them to engage in Qur’aan translation halqas. If they do so, it will mean that they are forming another sect. They will then no longer be regarded as even a faction of the Tabligh jamaat in view of transgressing the Six Points which constitute the fundamental basis of the Tabligh Jamaat.

Q. Molana Saad mentioned that those that do not accept his Ameership will go to Jahannam? Is this correct?

A. This statement is akin to kufr. Did he receive wahi in this regard? It is absolutely unacceptable for a Molvi to blurt out such haraam rubbish.

Q. One of the seniors of Molana Saad’s followers in South Africa has referred to those that don't follow Molana Saad’s views as khawarij. Is this correct?

A. This ‘senior’ is a jaahil. He is ignorant of the khawaarij. He must have heard about them, but lacks awareness of them. He is stupid to say the least.

Q. Should the followers of Molana Saad be allowed to conduct programs, mashewrah and be the zimidaar in our Masajid?

A. If they adhere strictly to the Six Points and do not introduce nafsaani politics related to the leadership crisis and fracas of Nizaamuddin, then they should be allowed. Those working on the ground should not stir up haraam problems by becoming embroiled in the haraam leadership struggle. All workers, regardless of which side they are supporting, should pretend that they are not aware of what is taking place in India. They should continue with the Tabligh work within the confines of the Six Points and not introduce any nafsaaniyat. They should not discuss the leadership fracas. Shaitaan has derailed them from Siraatul Mustaqeem with this haraam leadership crisis.

Q. Some say we are splitting the ummah, while some feel this is an issue of Haq and batil. Please comment.

A. If nafsaani politics will be introduced, then obviously the Tabligh Jamaat community will be split. In fact, it has already split, and it appears that this split is permanent and set to be aggravated by all the evil nafsaaniyat surfacing. Those who transgress beyond the Six Points will be plodding baatil and they will be the agents of shaitaan. As long as the haraam crisis is not made an issue by the ground workers, the work will continue on course. But, it appears that shaitaan has already gained the upper hand.

4 Ramadhaan 1438 - 30 May 2017


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