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17 Jamadith Thaani 1432 – 21 May 2011



Once again it is necessary to remind the Muslim community as well as the authorities of the country that the small group of individuals who have misappropriated the name, 'UUCSA", are not the United Ulama Council of South Africa. The miscreant group of individuals parading as the representatives of the Muslim community of South Africa under the fictitious banner of 'UUCSA' has no mandate, neither from the Ulama of the country nor from the Muslim community to represent either entity.


This paper entity bearing the misappropriated designation of 'UUCSA" is a pure fiction. It is not worth the paper on which it unlawfully advertises itself. We warn these misleaders to desist from utilizing the 'UUCSA" designation, for they are not the united ulama council of South Africa nor do they represent the community. We hope that the government has not fallen victim to the misinformation this fictitious entity has fed to it.


Regarding the Kufr so-called 'Muslim' Marriages Bill, there has been misguided clandestine meetings with the objective of securing  the acceptance and enactment of the Kufr bill. We give this phantom body advance warning of the Muslim community's intention to oppose the MMB to the bitter end. A group, more so, a paper body which is a pure fiction, will not be allowed to succeed in hoisting a kufr bill on the Muslim community in the name of Islam.


We say to the government that the group of individuals (from the MJC and NNB Jamiat of Fordsburg) masquerading as 'UUCSA' does not constitute the United Ulama of South Africa. They are a paper fiction which has no legal existence. As such the miscreant group does not represent the Ulama of South Africa nor the Muslim community of South Africa. The idea of this handful of individuals representing the Ulama  and the community of the country is preposterous and grossly misleading.


The Minister of Justice who is currently handling the Kufr MMB should take note of the misrepresentation which has been perpetrated under the banner of the fiction of 'UUCSA'. The MJC-NNB Jamiat clique has no mandate and no right to speak on behalf of the Ulama and Muslim community of South Africa.


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