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IT is our long held Islamic Tradition that the position of the Mimbar and the area around the Mimbar has always been held in High Esteem and respected by the Ulama.

Over the past few years in Newtown Hamidia Mosque The Mimbar has been abused by the Ulama. A few examples:

Just over 7 years ago Moulana Raghie and Moulana Bham gave very committed and convincing talks based on their understanding of Islam and Quraan and Hadith, that Muslims must throw their TV remote controls away and stop wasting their time in front of their T Vs. Today some years’ later they are appearing on TV weekly and sending the message we should be watching T.V.  There were many other such issues.

Over many years Moulana Bham was seen collecting copies of the AL Qalam tabloid that was placed at Newtown mosque entrance and telling the muezzin it mustn’t be distributed there and disposed of. More recently A MAJOR U TURN. He is now appearing in it. Last his Photograph appeared twice in 1 edition. ALLAH KNOWS BEST !!!!

The issue that is of more concern is that in the same way that we have State CAPTURE by the Guptas we have the Mimbar capture by Moulana Bham

A very very serious example of this is on the Auspicious night of Shabe Baraat the 15th of Shabaan 1437 and in May 2016 while giving his talk of the importance of this night and in the presence of many pious people and good simple honest muslims in the Masjid he said:

“Zuma is corrupt because you are corrupt”


This statement left many muslims in the Masjid dumbfounded and deeply hurt and disappointed but the Muslims present just respected the Sanctity of the Masjid  and did not object/confront the Moulana Bham in the Masjid. There are many opinions open to the musallees such as:


  1. We can sue Moulana Bham for defamation and claim some money from him but do we want the western courts to decide this issue. Sadly it may be the only way out if Senior Ulama don’t address this issue. We will subpoena heads of Darul-Ulooms etc.
  2. Start a process of formation of an alternate Ulama body and/or oblige the community to say the Secretary General of the Jamiatul Ulama is an ANC cadre and that he is abusing the Mimbar and the area around the Mimbar to campaign for the ANC. He has done this on several occasions and he knows what his intention is and what is in his heart.
  3. The other option is to go and lay a charge of corruption at the Police station and let them question Moulana Bham to let him reveal who are all these corrupt people he is talking about. After all Corruption is a crime in this country. Maybe The Jamiat is hiding Corrupt activities of corrupt individuals.
  4. We are staying with the best option and that is that he should apologise to the Newtown Musalees either in this world or on the Day of QIYAMAT.


Coming Back to his remarks, it shows a lack of Emaan and No respect for fellow Muslims. It is the remarks of a man with little emaan. Emaan has not entered his heart.  It is limited to his mouth. A man so driven by his support for ANC that he will urinate on Marhoom Ahmed Kathradas grave to please Zuma his master.

Please don’t be party to supporting him because you will be with him on the day of Qiyaamat. Please help to prevent him from capturing the Mimbar.

(End of  the Musalli’s letter)

There is no greater disaster which has befallen the Muslim community of South Africa than these accursed zindeeq and munaafiq, Reverend Abraham Bham and his cohorts of similar ilk. Somersaulting, reneging from the Haqq, forked-tongued acquittal, deception, concealing the Haqq, confusing the Haqq, halaalizing carrion, fisq, fujoor, bid’ah and even kufr  under ‘deeni’ guise are the hallmarks of these followers and agents of Shaitaan.


Whilst they portray themselves as Ulama of Deoband, they are in reality agents of Iblees who have besmirched the fair name of Deoband. There is absolutely no resemblance and no affinity between this satanic scourge and our Akaabir of Deoband. In fact, they have surpassed even the Barelwi Bid’atis and Qabar Pujaaris in their  villainy of  fisq, fujoor, bid’ah and kufr. The deviation and villainy of the Barelwi bid’atis are largely confined to their meelaad, urs and qabar puja rituals of bid’ah and baatil. Whilst the Barelwis have been static and stagnant in their antique acts of bid’ah, this mob of fake ‘deobandis’ have  innovated  evil in astronomical proportions. Daily they invent new acts of fitnah. It is darkness multiplied. They are responsible for the ruin of the Imaan of innumerable thousands of the Muslim community.


The juhala masses usually are on the lookout for licences to perpetrate their nafsaaniyat.  These licences have been provided by this new breed of satanic so-called ‘deobandi’ molvis who have not even smelt the fragrance of the true Ulama of Deoband. To these illegitimate progeny of Iblees, everything  haraam  in the Qur’aan and Sunnah is halaal. Thus, mixing of men and  women,  public parading of females, females fully participating in the public domain alongside males, television, pictography of animate objects,  singing, music, carrion, kuffaar sport with all its  accompaniment of fisq and fujoor, prostituting  the bodies and voices of women by the media of haraam radios,  halaalizing riba by  means of so-called ‘islamic’ banks and similar other  capitalist financial institutions, legalizing  female travel without mahrams, haraam merrymaking  functions in a variety of forms, squandering in haraam ways  trust funds (lillaah and zakaat monies), cancelling the Ahkaam of the Shariah with shaitaani measures such as MMB (so-called Muslim marriages bill),  bootlicking the kuffaar,  performing janaazah Salaat for professed murtads,  participating in  kuffaar religious ceremonies and rituals, and many more acts of fisq and fujoor are now the trademarks of these evil molvis and sheikhs. They have surpassed in evil all former  brands of Ulama-e-Soo’.


These vile molvis suffer from  the disease of inordinate  craving for name and fame. Aggravating this disease of hubb-e-jah for which they have a voracious appetite, is  their lust  for money (hubb-e-maal). These twin diseases have totally blinded them. They have  not only compromised their Deen, they have in fact, obliterated their very Imaan with the deluge of halaalization of haraam.  Their calamity is not confined to sin perpetrated  silently and secretly for which the Muslim sinner  regrets and repents. Their  wanton  and flagrant  perpetration of  fisq and fujoor on the basis of the haraam being halaal has incorrigibly ruined their hearts.  Taubah is an unknown concept for the agents of Iblees.


Narrating a Hadith, Hadhrat Abdullah Ibn Mas’ood (Radhiyallahu anhu) said:

“How  will you be  when you will be  enveloped  by such a fitnah which will  render the elderly ones senile and the young ones old. People will regard the fitnah as being Sunnah. If any part of the fitnah is  abandoned, they will say that a Sunnah has been abandoned.’ The people asked: ‘When shall  this happen?’  He responded: “When your Ulama (genuine Ulama-e-Haqq) have departed (all being in their graves); when your qaaris are in abundance; when  your Fuqaha are few; when your rulers are numerous; when your trustworthy ones are few; when the dunya (worldly objectives) will be pursued with the amal (deeds) of the Aakhirat (Deeni acts), and when Ilm (the Knowledge of the Deen)  will be acquired for  the purposes other than the Deen.”


This is the calamity of the Fitnah which has befallen the Ummah in this era, and the likes of Reverend Bham & Co, are the chief architects of this fitnah of satanism which has ruined the masses of juhala (ignoramuses). May Allah Ta’ala have mercy on us all. May Allah Ta’ala save the masses from the evil and shaitaani clutches of these wolves prowling around in sheep’s skin.

6 Shawwaal 1438 (1 July 2017)

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