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It is haraam to allow the musjid platform to be used by the mudhilleem fussaaq molvisl.

We reproduce here verbatim a letter from a Concerned Brother. The letter is self-explanatory of the villainy and evil of Musjid trustees and Musjid Imaams who are complicit with the fussaaq molvis in misleading the ignorant and the unwary.


Regarding the marriage conference held this weekend and with particular reference to Ebrahim Bham and Junaid Kharsany. Both these so called Molvis are given honor and prominence in Musjid Hilaal by moulana Suleiman Khatani. Though he and the trustees are fully aware of these two people actions and views on intermingling of sexes, tv, photography, the kufr Muslim marriages Bill and other aspects of their practices and beliefs which are all corrupt and seek to mislead the Ummat. I have written to the trustees a few times, a copy of one of the letters is attached below, imploring them not to let these types of speakers be given honor and the mimbar in the house of Allah TaAllah. Sadly on the occasions I have written to them they have ignored my letters and still gone ahead with allowing these types of Aimma Mudhilleen to address and mislead the mussallees and ummat who attend their programs at Musjid Hilaaal.


Musallees many times do not know when suddenly these Ulema may be present at the Musjid to conduct the Umma Bayan or any other programs. They may take their children and baaligh grand children with them, who may become influenced by the glib tongues, and convincing speeches of these tv presenters.


Should the Ummat not be warned about not attending Musjid Hill when there are other Masajids in Durban who do not honor these Aimma Mudhilleen.


Further the fact that it is the markaz of the Tabligh Group this draws even more people to this Masjid. That the markaz is allowing tv actors and people like Ebrahim Bham who even praised the giving of a statue/ idol of Nelson Mandela by South Africa to the Muslims of Palestine. The same Ebrahim Bham and his ardent follower Junaid Kharsany trample on the sharia regarding the laws of the sharia in so many aspects. Even fighting with Ulema e Haq to try to change the Deen of Allah by supporting a kufr non Muslim Muslim Personal Law Bill. By supporting Shias. By feeling no sin or remorse to break the laws of Allah continuously regarding the laws of Hijaab and niqaab. By them having being caught out speaking lies on many occasions. When the curse of Allah is on the liars. And yet they are being given honor in one of the main masajids in Durban, and the markaz of Tabeleegh in KZN. Is this not a great oppression against Allah TaAllah, against His Deen, against His oppressed servants being committed by these Aimma mudhileen?  And even worse encouraged and  supported by the Trustees of Hillaal?  And no Aalim is prepared to say anything here in KZN? Or in the country? May Allah TaAllah save and help the Ummat who look to the Ulema for guidance.


There are families where fathers may not go to Hilaal for this reasons but since he may not be an Aalim and no Aalim speaks out specifically about the wrongs being done at this Musjid Hilaal, a father may see his children becoming influenced by Moulana Khatani and thus whoever Moulana Khatani appoints to address the Mussallees at Hilaal. This is a real case scenario happening. And no Aalim is speaking out against this. A father may lose his children in this way to the Aaimma mudhilleen and no Aalim helped him when he turned to them. No Aalim has the courage to speak out against this especially in Hilaal as it is controlled by wealthy and influential people.  And sadly because the wealthy contribute to many Ulema and their causes. Has Allah TaAllah not mentioned in the Quran


Chapter Name:Al-Baqra Verse No:174

Those who conceal aught of the Book that Allah has revealed and take for it a small price, they eat nothing but fire into their bellies, and Allah will not speak to them on the day of Resurrection, nor will He purify them; and for them is a painful chastisement.

(End of letter)


From: N M

Subject: to Trustees of Musjid Al Hilaal

Date: February 16, 2017 at 10:11:02 AM GMT+2

To: Yusuf HM Desai


Bismillahi TaAlla

Thursday 18 Jamadil ula 1438 (16 February 2017)

Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu

Muhtarram Mufti Saheb

cc Trustees Musjid al Hilaal


Insha Allah TaAlla you and your family are well with aafiyat.


Honoring TV actors


Alhamdulilla our major Darul Ulooms in this country (Azaadville, Madressa Zakariya, Taleemuddeen, Noumaaniya) and there may be others as well , have all stated that all forms of picture making including digital are haraam. It is forbidden, a major sin.


Leave alone this warning from our respected Ulema from these Darul Ulooms to the public or 'awaam" we have naoozubilla a few so called Ulema who have left the ways of their Asaatiza and akaabireen and who are 'lone rangers" in our community. They prey on the meek to attempt to lead them away from the sharia of Allah TaAlla towards jahannum. Where the hadeeth states that every picture maker (image maker of humans and animals) will go to jahannum


These so called Ulema, open sinners feel nothing about the stern warning issued by our elders of these Darul Ulooms. Yet they also feel no shame to receive monies from these Darul Ulooms and from the Muslim Umma. Such hypocrisy! They feel no sin to appear on TV and have their photos taken. They display signs of  takabbur, ujb ostentation, of pomp and grandeur in dress, voice and attitude, knowing and relishing in the sin that they are going to be viewed worldwide on YouTube , Facebook and other haraam media naoozubilla by both men and women. This is haraam and a mockery of the sacred laws of Allah TaAllah by so called 'Ulema". Amongst their signs of arrogance  and pride when breaking the laws of Allah TaAllah and appearing on tv, is to dress like Arab Sheikhs, rather than emulating the sunna dress and headgear of taqwa as our akaabireen. Their voices are about 5 decibels louder than our pious akabireen, and words are rounded in the mouth and carefully thrown out, to try to get maximum audience attention. So called 'eloquent' sweet sugar tongued orators. In the name of the Deen of Allah TaAlla.


As this grave sin of picture making of humans and animals is considered haraam, and as these so called Ulema commit it openly with no signs of public repentance, then surely they fall under the category of open sinners or fussaaq.


We should not be honoring the fussaaq, such types of people.


Muhtarram Mufti saheb, to even label such fussaaq as Moulana (our leader) is indeed a zulm. They are leading people towards jahannum by promoting what is haraam and by deceiving the public in the name of Islam. To honor them and to aid them in their talk is indeed to partner with them.


In Tirmidhi sharif the following hadith is reported:

" Abu Hurairah radi Allahu anhu narrates that Rasulullah salllahu alaihi wa sallam said:

in the last period such men will come who will come forth, who will fraudulently  use religion for worldly ends, and wear sheepskins in public to display meekness (pretending to be without worldly desires, and false humility, yet they crave fame and money). Their tongues will be sweeter than sugar, but their hearts will be the hearts of wolves.

Allah TaAlla will say:

Are they trying to deceive Me or do they dare to rise up against Me? I swear by My Self that I shall send such afflictions upon them, which will leave the intelligent among them confounded. ( that, I will impose such people upon them , from amongst them who shall cause a variety of problems for them) (Tirmidhi)


Let us introspect and ask ourselves from amongst our Ulema if these two fit into the above description, namely  Sulaiman Moola and the Imam of Umhlanga Musjid Mr Vanker. (May Allah TaAlla forgive, it is not adhab or respect to the Deen of Allah Paak to call people who appear on tv and promote haraam picture taking as Moulana or our leaders. this is a sin to deceive the unwary public by leading them to believe that they are our Deeni leaders and that they should be followed.


Suleiman Moola


Suleiman Moola is an Ustaad in madressa Zakariya. The same Madressa Zakariya who have issued a fatwa stating that all forms of photography of humans and animals is haraam. Suleiman Moola is known to openly disobey his elders and Ustaads whom he learnt under.


Suleiman Moola is known to fly in business class across continents, paid for from funds that belong to Allah TaAlla for an 'appearance, for one night at the mubarak Musjid of Musjid ul Aqsa,  give a'bayaan' in pomp and splendor whist being filmed, and returning the next night, paid handsomely  with wasted funds from the Umma for this appearance fee and exorbitant business class fares.


Suleiman Moola is known to fly to the UK in business class, appear on stage in full view of ghair mahram women and men, sitting together for a meal that the sinners pay 100s of pounds  for and drawing the adhaab of Allah Taalla. Suleiman Moola then degrades the hadeeth and quran and sharia of Allah taAlla in such a gathering giving a ' sugary bayan' to this sinful mixed audience from the stage,  He then implores them to give money from their pockets for the Deen of Alllah (as if Naoozubiulla Allah Paak, is not PAAK, and needs napaak actions for money for His Deen, naoozubilla). All this whilst being filmed of course.


He is then filmed receiving an envelope as payment for his services including the costs of his business class flight from South Africa and back.


Allah TaAlla save us Muhtarram Mufti Saheb. Picture on the other hand the mubarak image of Rasulula sallahau alaihi wa sallam with his head and shoulders drooped, entering into Makka Mukarrama at the time of Fath Makka.


Picture Muhtarram Mufti Saheb, the image of Sahaba Ikraam radi Allahu annum ajjma'een walking and taking turns with even their slaves to share their transport in the hot Arabian desert sand.


Whilst naoozubilla Allah TaAlla save us, we are going to honor Suleiman Molola this Saturday night to give him the mimbar to address the 'duped' Mussallees. Indeed we will be questioned by Allah TaAlla, those who do this, who give such fiussaq honor and the mimbar, that why did we honor such people who openly transgressed the shari'ah of Allah TaAlla.


Please I implore you for the sake of Allah TaAlla that this fitna stops with immediate effect, that we do not have to live in fear of our Musjid, the house of Allah TaAllla that does not belong to us, but belongs to Him. That His sacred House  is not dishonored by those whom Allah TaAlla is angered with. That we do not become the agents of inviting such people to dishonor the house of Allah TaAla. That the mussallees do not have to live in fear of going for Jumma  or any salaat and have to pray to Allah TaAlla that let not our trustees place these open sinners on the mimbar for Jumma for us to sit and listen to. For us to honor them when we should not be honoring them. The Trustees have an amaanat for which they will be questioned.


Imam of Umhlanga Musjid Vanker

The same goes for the Imaam of Umhlanga Musjid Vanker.


He too relishes in appearing on tv and having his photos taken. Also in neat and splendid Arab garb whenever he appears on tv or his photos are taken. Also 5 decibels louder than muttaqi Ulema e Haq. As opposed to the image of the clothing of Rasulula sallahaub  alaiahi wa sallam and his beloved companions Allah TAAlla be pleased with them and our akabireen. All the epitome of taqwa, simplicity and humility.


This Imam of Umhlanga Musjid Vanker may be found in a riba infested major brand Muslim owned car dealership searching for his rizq as social and special favors from the owners who are deeply involved in riba. This so called Aalim has no qualms or issues in laughing, fraternizing and being with those whom Allah TaAllah is extremely angry with. At war with. The agents of shaytaan and riba. Where women work and mix freely with our Muslim men and where riba deals are signed in the millions daily. This so called Aalim, instead of showing his displeasure of these great sins, goes there to get benefit from these owners who are at war with Allah taAlla. He goes there to get the smoke of riba. And worse him being the Ustaad of one of the owners of this business that wages war with Allah TaAlla. What disgrace do we show to the Deen of Allah TaAllah for a so called Aalim and Ustaad to go to his student who is involved in riba and war with Allah TaAlla, and ask him for his dunya favors.


Muhtraam and beloved Mufti Sahbe, let us just ponder on the hadeeth regarding riba. That the person involved in this (Allah TaAlla save us) makes war with Allah TaAlla. WAR with Allah TaAlla naoozubilla.


Where the sin of riba is such that for every dirham or approximately R25 rands in today's equivalent the person gets the sin of committing zinaa / adultery 34 times. A million rands equals committing zinaa one million four hundred and forty four times. Imagine committing this great sin daily so many times. Whilst this Imam Vanker may not be directly involved in riba, he is certainly affected by the smoke of this riba. The fact that he publicly  'cozies' up to those who are at war with Allah TaAlla, and gets special favors from these people, getting special deals from them (undoubtedly due to him being  a so called Aalim, and Ustaad of the owner and using the sheep's clothing mentioned in the hadeeth for worldly gains) certainly displays a poor portrayal of Islam to both Muslims and non Muslims. Is this an example that an Aalim should set? To be found in riba infested dens and fraternizing and getting the crumbs of this dunya? With people who for years feel nothing to make war with Allah TaAlla. Is this rizq with honor and respect? And for a so called Aalim to get his rizq in such a way? Can we imagine Hadhrat Abu Bakr or Hadhrat Umar or any one of the sahaba ikraam radiAllahu annum ajmaeen going to and laughing with and taking benefit from a person whom Allah TaAllah and his beloved Rasulula sallahau alayhi wa sallam was extremely displeased with?


Yet this tv appearing Imam Vanker is given many Jumma bayans in the sacred Musjid of Hilaal, leave alone being made an Imam of Umhlanga Musjid, that is between those trustees and Allah TaAlla the sin for appointing open fussaaq. How can we feel nothing, emptiness, not blink an eyelid, to honor such a person? Who brings shame and disrespect to the Deen of Allah TaAlla. Who openly breaks the laws of Allah TaAlla.


Please I request for the sake of Allah TaAlla that you use whatever powers Allah TaAlla has conferred upon you, and as one of the Imams of this sacred house of Musjid Hilaal that you try to stop these types of people from appearing in pur Musjid to give bayans from the mimbar. That you use the favors and  powers Allah TaAlla has bestowed upon you to see that Muttaqi Ulema e Haq ONLY address us from the mimbar. That you try to stop this program me of this Saturday night. To please Allah TaAlla is far greeter than the displeasure of displeasing a faasiq by telling him that due to his appearing on tv and condoning of haraam picture taking, he will not be allowed to address Muslims from this Musjid until he makes public tawba for these great sins. There is no diplomacy that needs to be used. Only the truth of Allah TaAlla to explain to these types of people why they are not allowed to address our Muslims from our Masaajid. It is our durty and part of the effort of tableegh that we do this. That we stop evil, and call towards the truth. It is our duty from the markaz, from the center of this work of Tableegh in KZN that we stop evil. It is no use giving bayans to throw the tv or box from our homes and then to invite those who are actors on these tvs and 'boxes'. This is hypocrisy and we know the sin of being a munaafiq, may Allah TaAll save us.


I request that you inform the trustees of this letter. May Allah TaAlla guide them and all of us in obeying Allah TaAlalh in such a manner that He be pleased with us. That we at the least recognize our sins and ask forgiveness even if are deep in it. That we make an attempt to come out of our sins. And that we do not ever be the instrument or means of causing others to get sin and spreading of sin through our actions. This sinner is in the geatest need of hidaayt, mercy and pleasure of Allah TaAlla. The duties of the trustees are to run the House of Allah TaAllah for His pleasure. In matters regarding Deen and sharia, Ulema e Haq if they are Trustees or the Imams of the Musjids, should make decisions. This will ensure the pleasure of Allah TaAllah in the house of Allah TaAlla that belongs solely to Him alone.


The alternate is when we will take a sin as not a sin, or we will make light of sins, then Allah TaAlla save and protect us. The same ways of our predecessors in Burma, Bosnia, Baghdad and now Syria should all be a lesson to us. When the Muslims lived in opulence and openly transgressed, made light of sin, took lightly the warnings of Ulema e Haq, and joined with the Uleme e soo, then the adhaab came after much tolerance from Allah TaAllah.  The Ulema e soo were nowhere to be found to protect those who sinned openly when the adhaab came. In Burma our forefathers became penniless overnight. Those Muslims who are still there are still feeling the yoke of oppression that Allah TaAlla causes the kuffaar to impose upon us. When we will regard tv, photos, interest, mixed gatherings, our women not covering their faces and not remaining indoors etc as not sins or sins that we commit openly whilst laughing ands enjoying ourselves then this is most despised by Allah TaAlla. Then for sure if we will not repent, we shall face the same adhaab as Muslims in other countries did. South Africa or its Muslims have not been given most special status in the eyes of Allah TaAlla.


By inviting those so called Ulema who are together with sinners in the sins of tv photos riba etc to our Masaajids, we are emulating the ways of the jews who bought off their ulema. Let it not be that we invite these ulema to the House of Allah TaAlla who lead people astray. To appease ourselves that these so called Ulema say tv photos intermingling of strange men and women etc is ok so we will invite them to deliver bayans. We will only compound our sins by inviting others towards our sins as well. Amongst the first people that Imam Mehdi will destroy will be the evil Ulema. Once when Rasululla sallalahu alaihi wa sallam was asked who are the worst of all people. He is reported to have said that they will be the Ulema e soo, those evil Aalims who will lead my ummat astray to jahannum Please I ask you for the sake of Allah TaAlla and for the sake of your and your family's Iman do not invite these Ulema e soo to our Masaajids.


When Allah TaAlla wants to punish a people He uses His ways. One of them is to use the same favor that he grants the people. For example if He grants woman beauty, he uses the same beauty to cause her destruction, divorce and unhappiness when she uses it the wrong way.


The same way when Allah TaAlla favors someone with wealth and they transgress with this wealth, then He causes their destruction by getting the sinners involved in such activities that eventually cause their and their progenies' destruction. Israaf, breaking the laws of Allah tall, using of drugs, gambling, eating other peoples rights and money, eating and taking of interest etc.


May Allah TaAlla reward you for your efforts and keep you and your family with Izzat and Aafiyat. May Allah TaAlla be always pleased with you and your family and may you and your family be joined in the ranks and companionship of our beloved Rasululla salllaahu alaihi wa sallam and his noble family as well as the beloved sahabe ikraam radio Allahu Anhum Ajmaeen and their families in paradise bi ghair hisaab.


I request you remember this sinner and his family  in your duas always.


With love and respect



Nasseem Mahomedy

(End of letter)

The trustees and imams of Musjids who allow the fussaaq molvis the Musjid platform are in league with these agents of shaitaan with whom they collaborate to undermine Allah’s Deen and to mislead the community.

2 Zil Qa’dh 1438 (26 July 2017)


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