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A Concerned Brother from the U.K. writes:

The Leaders of Misguidance of the Muslim community:

The perturbed brother posted:

The statement issued by Jamiat SA to defend the participation of their Ulama at the so-called marriage conference shows that they are suffering from the arrogance of power. They refuse to accept that they erred and instead launch an attack on their critics. The so-called marriage conference and ilm festival were advertised and promoted by the Secretary of the Jamiat Moulana Bham, and other Ulama linked to the Jamiat. "Muslim lifestyle festival. 1 ticket five events". This is what Moulana Bham advertised on his Twitter account.

For the Jamiat to now claim they never had a role to play in organising the event is disingenuous. They are hiding behind technicalities rather than being brave enough to say: "We made a mistake". This is what true leaders do. Only arrogant and power-drunk leaders do what the Ulama of the Jamiat have done. They have been in office for too long. They are no longer a solution to the problems facing the community. They have now become part of the problem. They are so out of touch that they go so far as to suggest that an exorbitant fee-paying conference in upmarket Sandton is representative of mainstream society. The time has come for the Jamiat's leaders to step down - that is if they are not the Leaders of Misguidance of the Muslim community of South Africa.


Among other comments the brother posted were:

“I still can't overcome the statement of the Jamiat.”

“The statement of the Jamiat reeks of arrogance. They say the feel constrained to provide leadership. Don't they grasp that Muslims don't want them as leaders? They should step down after decades in office. Their time is up.”

“When I read the Jamiat statement I just said to myself they are like politicians - they don't speak an outright lie. They just cover up the truth and that is always worse than the error.” (End of letter)



Only hub-e-jah and hub-e-maal spawn the arrogance in the molvis. Instead of conceding their grievous error of kufr, fisq and fujoor, they sink further into the quagmire of ignominy  with their  futile attempts  of vindicating their haraam position  in order to  save face. 

In the insane endeavour to defend themselves, they seek to sweep the clown’s kufr under the carpet. They are unconcerned of the disparagement heaped on Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), Hadhrat Aishah (Radhiyallahu anha) and Hadhrat Abu Hurairah (Radhiyallahu anhu). They are more concerned with their own image and reputation which reeks of the stenches of fisq, fujoor and kufr. 

Only idiots may be duped by the Reverend Bham’s ‘dissociation’ from the clown’s kufr. It should be understood that besides the kufr blared by the kaafir clown, almost every other  item of the programme of this haraam function was  haraam, fisq and fujoor. The NNB jamiat had promoted all the haraam items and activities of the haraam function. They cannot now dissociate from the immoral event. They have to assume full responsibility for the haraam debacle. 

The Reverend Bham and his poodles are greater mujrimeen (criminals) than even the kaafir clown. The kaafir clown’s kufr while hurting the Imaani feelings of Muslims, cannot misguide Muslims. On the contrary, the condonation of the haraam function by the NNB jamiat molvis, misguides unwary and ignorant Muslims. They gain the idea that the fisq and fujoor of the haraam conference are halaal since even molvis are promoting it and participating in it. These molvis are the worst deviates who mislead the community. They are the vile ‘leaders’ who misguide and about whom Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:


“Verily, I fear for my Ummah the aimmah mudhilleen (the molvis and sheikhs who misguide Muslims.”

8 Zil Qa’dh 1438 (1 August 2017)


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