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The following message is doing its rounds on social media. What is the Shariah’s response?  What should Muslims do?


There is an currently an outbreak of measles in unvaccinated Muslim children in Gauteng and KZN. This poses a serious health risk to the rest of society. Measles is a serious disease that can cause major complications and even death Measles and many other communicable diseases can be prevented by vaccination. The routine childhood vaccines are highly effective and safe. The major ulema bodies in South Africa have endorsed vaccination. The anti vaccine lobby is not based on sound scientific facts and is based on untruths Vaccinate your children before it's too late Please forward to all your contacts ......and let this message  go viral

(End of the sewage disgorgement)


Sickness, disease, life and death of the minutest particle, even the of an atom, are fully, fully in the control of Allah Azza Wa Jal. He declares in the Qur’aan Majeed to all these zanaadaqah and dahriyyah such as the ghutha constituting this so-called ‘islamic’ medical association:

“By Him are the Keys of the Ghaib. He knows what is in the ocean and in the land. Not a leaf drops (from a tree), but He is aware. There is not a seed in the darkness of the earth nor anything moist nor anything dry, but it is recorded in a Clear Kitaab (By Allah Azza Wa Jal).”

The sickness and the Maut (death) of even a leaf is ordained by Allah Azza Wa Jal. When the appointed time of Maut of the leaf arrives, then by the direct intervention and command of Allah Ta’ala does that leaf drop from its tree. Now ponder and reflect on the billions, trillions, krillions and mind boggling impossibillions of trees and leaves just in this one small dunya called the earth. Then reflect on the mind-boggling impossibillions of other species of creation just in this one world which is our temporary abode, then will man gain an infinitesimal idea of the Power of Allah Azza Wa Jal.

This Great, Majestic and All-Powerful Allah has commanded us to have Tawakkul on Him in every sphere of our life. But these fussaaq,
zanaaqah and dahriyyah  doctors of  the Juhala Medical Association, advocate that Muslims  turn away their gaze  from Allah Ta’ala, focus
it on the western promoters of haraam vaccines filled with disease-causing filth and poison.

Allah Ta’ala has made haraam for this Ummat substances which are najaasat and poisonous. The acquisition of the material ways, means and agencies is permissible ONLY within the confines of Allah’s Shariah. But these fussaaq doctors dwelling in the confusion percolating from brains fitted in the straitjackets of western kufr, lap up  whatever tripe and trash their western kuffaar university tutors had dinned into their ears and vomited into their mouths.

They lack the ability of independent reasoning. They are only adept in the art of lapping up the disgorgement of the western kuffaar pedlars of vaccines. They totally lack the ability of making independent research studies. Thousands and thousands of pages of argument and proof have been published by western medical experts, which conclusively prove the satanism and irreparable damage which the filth and poison called vaccines, cause to the human being.

It is HARAAM to inject najaasat – filth and poison – and other haraam substances such as pork, etc., into our bodies with the belief that such haraam najaasat will protect us against a disease which Allah Ta’ala ordains and decrees for us. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi
wasallam) said:

“Allah has not put the cure of my Ummah in substances made haraam for them.”

The brains of these dahri, fussaaq, dahriyyah doctors suffering from the state of advanced intellectual putrefaction, display their putrid jahaalat by disgorging putrescent advice which is violently in conflict with Allah’s Shariah. Totally bereft of yaqeen, which is an attribute of healthy Imaan, they repose implicit trust in the satanism with which their kuffaar  educators who wallow in physical and spiritual janaabat have corroded their brains, thus rendering them incapable of viewing and understanding any issue purely in the light of the immutable Shariah of Allah Azza Wa Jal.

Muslims are warned and advised to beware of the haraam and danger which these doctors operating under the spell of shaitaan are propagating.  As far as the Deen is concerned, they are total juhala, yet they seek to set themselves up as Shar’i authorities with the requisite qualifications to prescribe to the Ummah what is haraam and what is halaal. They lack in even the rudiments of Istinja, hence you will find them eating like kuffaar, speaking like kuffaar, dressing like kuffaar and excreting like kuffaar. That is precisely why they disgorge from their mouths whatever haraam and filth the kuffaar vomit up for them.

On our website will be found a deluge of evidence which conclusively proves the harms, dangers and shaitaaniyat of vaccines. Ignore whatever these fussaaq and zanadaqah doctors advise. Their aql is calcified, hence they are lost in confusion and in a state of incremental mental retrogression. They are the products of a conveyor belt in a factory where they are formed and fabricated one per minute. For every facet in the medical field, they are 100% reliant on kuffaar medical researchers.


Accept only halaal medication and make dua. In the absence of halaal medication, increase reliance on Allah Ar-Hamur Raahimeen. Recite
Surah Faatihah, blow on water and drink. Do so daily. And, remember that the efficacy of the Roohaani prescriptions and remedies advised by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) are dependent on abstention from the filth and poison of sin and transgression. If you poison and sully your  eyes, ears and heart with the filth  you view on facebook and the cellphone, don’t expect the spiritual remedies to manifest their  effects.  Was-salaam.

17 Zil Hajj 1438 (8 September 2017)


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