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ISLAM IS UNDER attack on a variety of fronts. In fact, this Deen of Islam is today engulfed by its enemies who are posing to swallow the Deen and its Ummah. Although the kuffaar, the Americans and the British in particular, have made great inroads into the Bodywork of the Ummah, they will not attain their nefarious objective of obliterating Islam, for Allah Ta’ala has declared in His Qur’aan:  “They (the enemies) conspire to extinguish the Noor of Allah (Islam) with their mouths whilst Allah intends to complete (and establish firmly) His Noor even though the kaafiroon detest it.”
Since this is a material world of tangible ways and means, physical cause and effect, Allah Ta’ala has imposed the sacred Task of guarding this Deen and its Institutions on the entire Ummah in different capacities and degrees depending on ability and jurisdiction vouchsafed to the various segments of Islamic society. Thus, while it is the imperative obligation of the Ulama-e-Haqq to ensure that the pristine purity of Allah’s Shariah is maintained, it devolves on the people of wealth (Allah’s wealth bestowed as bounties) to spend generously in His Path in the Institutions of Islam, especially in such sacred Projects on which the safety and purity of Imaan and the Shariah are pivoted.

In this regard, the Institution which has the greatest importance, relevance and which has a prior Haq (Right) on the wealth of the Ummah is the vital Maktab Project without which it is impossible for Islam  and Imaan to survive in the hostile global environment  in which operates the pernicious tentacles of the Kufr machinery of the enemies of Islam.
Millions of the Ummah’s children in the so-called ‘third world’ countries where Muslims live in grinding poverty and stark jahaalah (ignorance), are totally deprived of the very essentials and basics of Islamic education. These millions of children, in addition to growing up without  the basic education pertaining to Imaan, Tahaarat, Salaat and Qur’aan recitation, are exposed to the western kufr system of secular education  which is aggravated by the immoral life style of the western kuffaar with which  Muslim children are indoctrinated by the media and other inimical  kufr forces who are all cogs in the western conspiratorial plot to obliterate Islam, and to produce a docile ‘Muslim’ nation, Muslim in mere name, to know tow and be humiliatingly subservient to the American and British ‘master’ whose boots Muslims are expected to lick, and whose boots they do in fact lick once their minds have become colonized by the plotters.

America has pumped billions of dollars into Muslim countries, notably Pakistan and Bangladesh, to disrupt and destroy the ages old Islamic educational system which forms part of the heritage of the Ummah – a wonderful, simple system of Ta’leem which we have inherited from the Salfus Saaliheen since time immemorial. The kuffaar enemies have realized more than even Muslims, the value and efficacy of the Maktabs to sustain the vigour of Imaan. They have understood that these simple mud and straw hut-type Maktabs constitute the BULWARK of Islam in this era.  The kuffaar political and military threat against Islam is not as bad and as dangerous as the educational and cultural threat plotted by the enemy conspirators. As far as the military excursions of the kuffaar are concerned, Alhamdulillah, Allah’s ‘RAG-TAG’ army, The Taliban, is putting up a heroic stand and keeping aloft the Standard of Islam. The enemies noses are not only bleeding. Their tails are between their legs like whimpering dogs, hence they are bending over their backs to engage the Taliban in negotiations to forge an exit strategy from Afghanistan. May Allah Ta’ala humiliate and destroy Islam’s enemies.
The greatest success of the kuffaar is on the educational and cultural fronts. The twin evils of ignorance and western secular education without Deeni Ta’leem to over shadow and neutralize the poisonous effects of the atheistic indoctrination, is the most potent and vilest threat to the survival of the Imaan of millions of the Ummah’s children living in remote villages bereft of  any Islamic education, but where western secular education dominates with the addition of the aggravating influence of the kuffaar missionary operatives, all funded and steered by the sinister forces of western governments.
A number of non-governmental Muslim organizations have initiated Maktab programmes in many Muslim countries. All of these organizations are, Alhamdulillah, engaging in a noble Jihad to uphold Imaan and to keep the Ship of Islam sailing in the stormy ocean of kufr, irtidaad and zanadiqah.   

Alhamdulillah, the Mujlisul Ulama of South Africa is also engaged in the Maktab Project. About 3,500 Maktabs in several countries are operating under the auspices of the Mujlisul Ulama. The Maktab is generally a mud/bamboo/straw hut, or a room provided by a village dweller or a bamboo Musjid structure, or a clump of trees. A Maktab caters for up to a 100 or even more children. The very basic Deeni education is imparted to equip the children with the rudiments of Imaan to enable them tomorrow to withstand the haemorrhaging effects of the onslaught of western education and lifestyle in which the Imaan of the entire Ummah – children and adults – ignoramuses and the learned – is today convulsing.
It costs approximately R8,500 ($1,200) per year to operate one Maktab. This amount is only the wage of an Ustaad. Meditate for a moment and consult with your Imaani conscience – R8,500 wages for a whole year! We emphasize to Muslims, in Allah’s Name, to step forward and shoulder this noble, indispensable Maktab Project which today is the best and the greatest act of Thawaab-e-Jaariyyah – Perpetual reward accruing to your account long, long after you have departed from this earthly abode, and at a time when you will be most in need of it. There are numerous Muslims of affluence in our community, who can sponsor several Maktabs. Tens of thousands of rands, and in some cases hundreds of thousands of rands are squandered in un-Islamic and wasteful wedding functions. Huge sums of money are squandered by the Madaaris to organize jalsahs in which people who eat thrice a day are fed. Millions are spent on Nafl Umrahs and holidaying. Tens, in fact hundreds of millions of rands, are squandered in wasteful, show-piece Musjid structures which are dumb monuments testifying to the ogres of waste and misdirection in which this Ummah is sinking.

All of this injustice in the face of the plight of the Ummah and the millions of children –the Ummah of tomorrow – whom we are losing and sacrificing at the altar of Islam’s enemies. We are not appealing to anyone with a cap in the hand. We are calling on you as a member of Muhammad’s (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) Ummah to contribute towards this Waajib Project. Contribute generously with your heart, not from your pocket, but from your heart, whether it be the rand you can afford or the million. Allah be with you and aid you in this dunya, in Barzakh and in Qiyaamah.    Jazaakallaah!        

Mujlisul Ulama of South Africa
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Commercial Road Branch (Branch code 121 717)
Port Elizabeth
For those who don't have access to Nedbank, please phone for our Standard Bank or First National Bank account details. Please notify us of your contribution deposited into any of our banking accounts. A copy of the deposit slip will be appreciated. Email, post or fax it to us. Our tel/fax number is:
+27- 41 - 451-3566 / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it     

Foreign contributors who wish to aid this vital Project of Islam, may deposit their contributions into the under mentioned account:
Account no. 631 91029 (U. S. currency A / C )
Bank: Alliance and Leicester PLC, Bootle, Merseyside, England GIROAA.
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Issued By: MUJLISUL ULAMA OF S.A., PO Box 3393, Port Elizabeth 6056 South Africa

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