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A Brother writes:

A shaytaani peadtrician doctor I am told came on the Haraam Radio station Al Ansaar and spoke the following drivel.

She said that the measles vaccine is permissible even though there are some impurities in it. She said that the 'international fuqaha' had way back in 1990 gave the verdict that when life is at stake, then the Haraam vaccine becomes permissible. Also other 'fuqaha' have stated that 'metamorphosis' of the impermissible takes place and the vaccine becomes permissible.


The aunt is a total jaahilah. What does this miscreant aunt know of the Shariah, of Fuqaha and the operation of the principles of the Shariah?

There are NO Fuqaha in this era. The ‘fuqaha’ she refers to are all liberal morons masquerading as ‘ulama’. There exists mountains of valid arguments by medical experts to prove the filth, danger and harms of vaccines.

On the assumption that a vaccine contains only halaal ingredient, then too, the very treatment is impermissible. It is a dangerous plot of shaitaan, which has caused massive injury to millions of people. Our website is loaded with reliable articles of medical authorities who have thoroughly researched this subject and have thus confirmed the satanism of the vaccine filth and poison which have caused diseases. It does not cure disease.

The so-called ‘international fuqaha’ about which the moron jaahilah aunt hallucinates is a conglomerate of international opportunists who have no valid understanding of the laws of the Shariah.  They have no standing in terms of the Shariah.

The ‘metamorphosis’ argument is another ploy of shaitaan. No valid metamorphosis takes place, and if we should hallucinate that it does take place, then too the satanism of vaccination remains haraam. It is haraam to inject filth and poison into the body in the hope of combating a future hallucinated disease. Vaccinated persons are more prone to the diseases than the unvaccinated. Research studies have proven this fact.

29 Zil Hajj 1438 -20 September 2017


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