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Just as faeces attracts flies so does kufr attract najaasat and haraam substances.  That is why the kuffaar western medical fraternity and establishment perennially focus their gaze on every filth and haraam substances to attain gratification for their monetary lusts.

In the name of medicine, they insanely and satanically utilize faeces, urine, blood, pus, human tissue, swine substances, etc., etc.  Filth and haraam are their primary sources of ‘medicine’. The latest revelation by western medical experts informs us of the large-scale utilization of the foreskins of circumcised infants in vaccine productions – vaccines which the ulama-e-soo’ fraternity also has halaalized.

These stupid bootlicking molvis and sheikhs to curry favour with the western establishment and to bootlick governments, have cast aside the commands of Allah Azza Wa Jal. They are not guided by Rasulullah’s unequivocal rejection of haraam substances for medicinal purposes. They satanically abrogate the ahkaam of the Shariah by misinterpreting and misapplying Fiqhi technicalities which are not at all applicable to issues such as poisonous and filthy so-called remedies as vaccine. Vaccines are nothing but the urine of Iblees.

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Allah has not created the cure of my Ummah in substances made haraam for them.” This should be the guiding principle for both Muslim doctors and molvis. Now read what the experts have to say regarding the filth and cannibalism of the vaccine devils.

Every year, some infants are circumcised. During this surgical procedure, part of the child’s protective penile tissue is removed. This tissue removed from his penis may be sold to companies and institutions seeking the rich human fibroblast cells and other cells it contains. Most people are unaware that for decades, vaccine companies have been using these foreskin cells to research, grow and develop vaccines.

(Article by Augustina Ursino republished from

Certain microorganisms used by vaccine companies need living human cells to replicate. The cells within foreskin are being used for this purpose. Foreskin cells can be used to turn a wild-type microorganism found in nature into a genetically modified microorganism for use in vaccines.

Baby foreskins are used to research rubella, varicella and human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines. They are used to make cytomegalovirus vaccines, which is something pharmaceutical companies have been working on the last few decades. This vaccine is being created using foreskin cells and clinical trials have already begun. The child’s DNA whose foreskin was used to make the vaccine cannot be fully removed from the vaccines prior to administration. Researchers are also using foreskin to create a human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) immortalized cell line for use in vaccines.

Cells isolated from infant foreskin are preferred because the infant cells have a longer lifespan than those isolated from adult foreskin. The ongoing issue with companies using infant foreskin to develop vaccines and other products is vast; only a small fraction can be discussed here. It is important to research how vaccines are made prior to receiving them, if you want to avoid unwanted contaminants in your body.

Hospitals and Clinics Can Sell Foreskin Removed from Newborns

What we call foreskin is actually part of a whole skin system in both males and females. During the male circumcision procedure, twenty to fifty percent of the skin that protects the baby’s penis is surgically removed, with or without pain medicine. There are occasions where surgical accidents happen and more is removed.

If a hospital or clinic obtained consent to use the foreskin for purposes they felt were desired, the removed foreskin may then be sold at that point, even if the baby didn’t survive.

How Foreskin Cells Are Being Isolated

After the baby was circumcised, if the goal is to sell the foreskin for profit, it can be preserved and legally sold. Foreskin can also be donated.

Once the foreskin has been obtained by researchers in a lab, it is further processed. The foreskin is laid in a dish and then cut into strips. It is then soaked in an enzymatic solution to help the tissue layers separate. When ready, each strip of foreskin is peeled apart to separate the epidermal top layer from the dermal layer below that. The two layers are put in separate dishes. This is done to isolate specific cells within each layer.

The top epidermal layer of the foreskin contains cells that produce keratin, called keratinocytes. The dermis layer below contains fibroblast cells. It is these keratinocytes and fibroblast cells that are used to research, grow and develop vaccine strains.

A step by step list of this procedure is explained on the Thermo Fisher Scientific web page, titled Isolation, Primary Culture, and Cryopreservation of Human Neonatal Fibroblasts.

13 Muharram 1439 (4 October 2017)

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