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Specifically in Cape Town there is no reliable Ulama Body to whom women who are victims of husband oppression could turn for resolution. Numerous women in Cape Town are complaining of MJC gross incompetence and callousness. Instead of providing solutions, the MJC adds to the misery of oppressed wives. 

It is totally unacceptable and scandalous that even years after the submission of a Faskh application, the woman remains in a limbo of uncertainty and misery as a result of MJC inertia and incompetence. It is clear that the MJC is totally unfit to tackle Faskh applications. They even lack the knowledge for this duty. There is therefore a definite vacuum in Cape Town particularly on the issue of Faskh applications. As a consequence of this vacuum, some women due to gross Imaani deficiency turn to kuffaar bodies such as the Women’s Legal Centre to take their matter to the kuffaar courts for resolution in terms of satanic law. In so doing, these women barter away their Imaan and everlasting Salvation and Success of the Aakhirah for the miserable gains of this dunya.

There is an imperative need to fill this vacuum caused by MJC kufr shenanigans. The solution for this serious problem in Cape Town is for uprighteous, responsible Muslims who have some understanding of the Shariah to step forward and to form a COMMITTEE to specifically deal with Faskh applications. They should not be concerned of the criticism of the MJC. Let them howl as they will most certainly view such a Committee as their opposition. 

Although the validity of such a Committee is not reliant on the members being Ulama, it is incumbent that it (the Committee) conducts its affairs with the guidance of uprighteous Ulama, even it is just one true Aalim whom the Committee will consult. 

Such a Committee requires a minimum of three male members.  They should be responsible members of the community. They must not be faasiqs.

Women may submit their applications for annulment of their marriages. If the Committee follows the Shariah’s procedure and finds the woman’s grounds for Faskh to be valid, a Faskh decree to terminate the marriage will be issued. 

If such a Committee is instituted, they should consult with genuine Ulama to ascertain the Shariah’s procedure for handling Faskh applications. Money is not required to establish this Committee and there will be no fees charged for the Deeni services rendered. Surely, there are many responsible members of the community in Cape Town who can take ups this challenge! 

The Committee is not in need of a special office for functioning. The proceedings may be conducted from any home or classroom, etc.

18 Muharram 1439 (9 October 2017)


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