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In UK we have a young Maulana by the name of Imtiaz Sidat. He tours the world doing nasheed programmes, predominantly in Masjids. Who pays & where he stays, Allah knows best? People in the congregation are encouraged to join in & sing along, so to speak. An album of his has recently been released. There are several issues regarding these "nasheed programmes" that irk the conscience. I request The Majlis to cast their eye over the following assertions & correct any errors:

(A) Nasheed "programmes" are an anomalous concept. It is not a fundamental tool with which to instil the Love of Allah & Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam.


(B) These programmes have become entertainment with people to-ing and fro-ing in unison and "singing" in chorus as the Molvi pop star encourages them. All this commotion takes place in the Masjid under the guise of ibadat.

(C) The contorting of the face, as if constipated, whipping up the majma & encouraging them to "sing along" is all akin to emulation of kuffar concerts, which reminds us of the grave warning of Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam:

“He who imitates a nation is from them.”

Amongst the public too, there is a shift in terminology which demonstrates that these nasheed programmes fall within the remit of tashabbuh. For example, words such as "album" and "song" are used. If this is not emulation of kuffar, then what is?

(D) How is it allowed that a young Maulana allows his videos to appear on the Internet? Does he want the ladies of this day and age to swoon over his appearance and beautiful voice and thereby risk a Fardh ghusl in the process?

(E) I have witnessed that the people that attend and invite others to attend these programmes are merely attending for the entertainment. Have a nice sing along, get a buzz, go home & miss Fajr.

Little do people realise that tarbiyah and hidayat come with continuing mujahadah, not "Islamic" concerts.

(F) Sometimes Imtiaz Sidat sings these nasheeds as a duet, which increases the feel of a concert. Next, there will be a round of applause after each nasheed.

(G) Before initiating such programmes, should not the molvi have thought of the following questions:

(i) What is the intention behind these programmes?

(ii) What are the repercussions for the public by having such programmes?

(iii) What is the original method of tarbiyah/hidayat?

(iv) Did any of our akabireen initiate designated nasheed programmes?

(v) What are the spiritual repercussions for a young molvi that obtains fame & recognition by virtue of such programmes?

(vi) Is it more beneficial to spend money going around the world as a "nasheed artist" or is the money better spent helping oppressed Muslims around the world and making the Effort of Deen according to its original method?

Surely if he had thought of these things, these "nasheed concerts" would not have been initiated. Please advise if the above is correct.

(End of the Brother’s Deeni lament)



You are absolutely correct. The Shariah’s severe prohibition of this shaitaaniyat, fisq, and fujoor which these fussaaq and fujjaar human devils are promoting to gratify their bestial lust for name, fame, money and zina, is not based on only the solitary factor of Tashabbuh Bil Kuffaar. Although this one factor is more than adequate for confirming the satanism of nasheed entertainment, these shaitaani concerts are compounded with many evils.


The primary reason – the first and foremost reason – for the hurmat (prohibition/being haraam) of these  immoral  nasheed entertainment shows conducted by these agents of Iblees, the nasheed ‘artists’,  is the explicit  prohibition stated unanimnously by the Fuqaha. According to the Shariah:


1) Singing even ‘good’ songs for public entertainment is HARAAM.

2) Singing even ‘good’ songs in privacy will be HARAAM, if this becomes a habitual practice which consumes and wastes considerable time.

3) The money earned from such HARAAM entertainment is HARAAM. Paying money to these immoral nasheed singers and paying for even a private session of singing in which there may be only one person and one singer, are HARAAM.


Thus, even without the aspect of Tashabbuh bil kuffaar (emulation of the kuffaar), and Tashabbuh bil fussaaq wal fujjaar (emulating the fussaaq i.e. grotesquely flagrant public sinners and wretchedly immoral sinners, singing is HARAAM. But, the presence of these evil factors in the nasheed concerts is confirmed without the slightest doubt. The sin of this satanic entertainment is compounded over and over – manifold by the variety of   evil elements.


Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that singing cultivates nifaaq (hypocrisy) in the heart just as water causes plants to grow in the soil. The prohibition of the type of singing mentioned above (1 & 2) is HARAAM unanimously according to the Fuqaha and the Sufiya, according to all Math-ahbs. Singing is described as Sautush Shaitaan – The Voice of the Devil.


Regarding the evil type of entertainment provided by these shayaateenul ins (human devils), the nasheed ‘artistis’, the consequences of this fisq and fujoor is nothing but shaitaaniyat and baheemiyat (bestiality). It incites lust which is the   major stepping stone for fornication.


Their nasheed singing is compounded HARAAM since it is a conglomeration of many factors of fisq and fujoor. The brother has in his letter adequately explained the shaitaaniyat of which this type of evil and immoral entertainment comprises of.


This shaitaani entertainment by these human devils is further compounded by defilement of the Musaajid. The sole objective of a Musjid is Allah’s Ibaadatr, and nothing else. But these immoral villains are defiling the Musjid’s sanctity with their acts of satanism. The trustees and imaam of the Musjid who permit and condone the perpetration of this HARAAM nasheed-singing in the Musjid are complicit with the human devils in the commission of these major sins. They are guilty of defiling the sanctity of the Musjid by permitting the vile presence of the immoral villains whose objective is nothing other than money and cheap, rotten fame.


Another exceptionally grave kabeerah sin committed by these agents of Shaitaan is defilement of the Name of Allah Ta’ala and Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). For the attainment of their haraam objectives,  they misuse the glorious Name of Allah Ta’ala and the of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) to dupe the ignorant lustful audience by inducing in them the understanding that  these ‘holy’ songs are acts of  ‘ibaadat’ when in reality their singing is the Voice of Iblees. In fact, the mismanipulation of Allah’s Name in HARAAM acts is tantamount to Kufr.


The manner of this nasheed-singing – the manner of acquittal of the entire HARAAM concert, is decidedly a promoter of zina – zina of the mind and of the heart which ultimately ruins the spiritual fibre of the Mu’min without him even realizing the disastrous spiritual and moral consequences inflicted on his Imaan by participation in such evil concerts which are totally unknown in Islam. There is absolutely no precedent in Islam for such defilement of Allah’s Name, Rasulullah’s Name, the Musaajid and the pillaging of Imaan in the name of Allah as these immoral agents of Iblees are perpetrating.


We are in close proximity of Qiyaamah, hence such immoral villainy is to be expected. These shaitaani artists are preparing the ground for commission of the actual act of zina right inside the Musjid.


Muslims should at least have some fear for Allah Ta’ala. Maut is hovering above our heads and calling on us five times daily, and so is the Qabr. Allah Ta’ala has not despatched us to this dunya to squander the amaanat and treasure of Time in such evil pursuits of fisq and fujoor. Allah Ta’ala takes an oath by Time to impress on us its significance, importance and the great treasure it constitutes. Wasting time even in permissibilities is HARAAM. Wasting time in evil, and especially such evil as these immoral nasheeds sung by immoral characters, is among the worst and greatest sins. It is a sin perpetrated in the Name of Allah Azza Wa Jal, hence akin to kufr. May Allah Ta’ala grant hidaayat. Salaam on those who follow the Hidaayat of Allah.

28 Muharram 1439 (19 October 2017)


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