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As far as the Saudi regime is concerned, the Fundamental Ibaadat of Hajj has no longer Deeni importance. The prime purpose for the continuance of Hajj and Umrah is to serve the monetary objectives of the Saudis. There is no gainsaying that Hajj and Umrah are totally commercialized. Money is exorbitantly extravasted from the Hujjaaj to fill the coffers of the regime which is increasingly focusing on non-oil revenue, hence its satanic ‘Vision 2030’ U.S. manufactured policy being insanely pursued by the American stooge, the nominal king’s 31 year old modernist, anti-Islam son. 

Since the regime is acquiring billions of dollars annually from the Muslims of the world who frequent Saudi Arabia throughout the year for Umrah and Hajj, it is expected of the authorities to show concern for the religious sentiments and Deeni demands of the Hujjaaj. Also it is understandable that although the Deen plays no part in the life and planning of the regime, it is nevertheless incumbent for the authorities to at least overtly display concern for the Hujjaaj in lieu of the enormous sums of boodle which they are paying.


The following are some concerns which the authorities are neglecting and for which they display wanton dereliction: 

(1) The Muzalifah signboard

Wuqoof in Muzdalifah is an incumbent rite of Hajj. It is Waajib for the Hujjaaj to be present in Muzdalifah even briefly. Thousands of Hujjaaj violate this incumbent obligation due to the gross negligence and dereliction of duty of the Saudi Hajj authorities.


Thousands of Hujjaaj simply make Wuqoof outside the boundaries of Muzdalifah because there is no proper indication to apprize them of Muzdalifah. The writing on the signboard has faded away. It is indeed most lamentable that the authorities are failing to rectify this extremely simple matter. The neglect of this extremely simple, but extremely important requisite is causing great deficiency in the Hajj of thousands of Hujjaaj who are deceived into believing that they are making Wuqoof within the precincts of Muzdalifah. Ulama who are aware of the situation have reported this dereliction. In exchange for the enormous amount of money, the Saudis should attend to this matter. It requires only one or two workers to repaint the signboard. There is no need for even a new signboard.


The Filthy, Ugly, Satanic American Urinals

It is with pleasure – great pleasure – that we doff our hats, American style, in obeisance to the Saudi Hajj authorities, for having removed these ugly, shameless, haraam contraptions from Mina. However, these evil western contraptions which compel male Hujjaaj to expose part of their satr area for urinating, in full view of passing females, remain in Muzdalifah. We earnestly and humbly appeal to the Saudi Hajj authorities to remove these vile shaitaani contraptions from Muzdalifah, at least in consideration of the enormous amounts of boodle the regime is acquiring from the Hujjaaj who abhor these urinals.


Monetary considerations alone should alert the Saudi authorities to the sentiments of the Hujjaaj. We trust that sagacity will prevail in the Saudi ranks.


The Beards of the Imaams

While it is understandable that the Deen has no place in Saudi Arabia, especially in the shadow of ‘Vision 2030’, it is expected, in lieu of the  money the Hujjaj are forking out, that the Saudi authorities issue instructions to the Imaams to keep beards as prescribed by the Shariah, that is, the length of one fist.


Even though the Saudis no longer believe in the Ahkaam of the Shariah – the Shariah which is now antique for them – it is expected that in lieu of the monetary windfall from the Hujjaaj, that their Imaams who lead the Salaat in the Haramain Shareefain should ensure to have Shar’i beards, not some stylish beards which may be appeasing to the Americans. It should be understood that the Imaams whose beards violate the Shar’i requisite, according to the belief of the vast majority of Hujjaaj are Fussaaq. This is a great damper which the Saudis are casting on the Imaani sentiments and expectations of the Hujjaaj. This is not an issue of religion for the Saudis. It is a commercial matter. The clients should be given value for their money. This is commercial sense.


It is hoped that the Saudi Hajj authorities will look into these matters and rectify the issues. After all, it does make good commercial sense.


“Salaam on those who follow the guidance of Allah.”

16 Safar 1439 – 6 November 2017


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