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Several persons have queried about Mr. Hoblos who is said to be an Australian orator who has been invited to give speeches in South Africa. A Brother queries:

Respected Muslim ummah 

As you are aware that Mohammed Hoblos who is an Australian orator will be visiting South Africa. I see he's speaking at deobandi masjids, qurtuba, Ferrero, Mountainrise, etc.  including tabligh Markaz Hilaal in Durban. Does anyone have knowledge on the speaker? 

I saw his clips on YouTube in movie like scenes. 

Input of ulama welcomed.

(End of query)


We are not aware of this Hoblos character.  Many un-Islamic activities and bid’ah nowadays take place at so-called Deobandi Musjids and Tablighi Musjids. Do not be deceived by those speaking at these venues. These venues allow anti-Sunnah, bid’atis and other deviates platforms for undermining the Deen. They all are in cahoots with Iblees, some knowingly and others unknowingly. But all of them are silent and dumb devils for condoning and promoting deviates.

The fact that he appears on Youtube is the evidence for his fisq and fujoor. 

If Hoblos is not a Muttaqi Aalim, then stay far, very far from him.

17 Safar 1439 (7 November 2017)

Last Updated on Tuesday, 07 November 2017 12:33  

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