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15 Rabiyul Awwal 1439
4 December 2017

BOGUS ‘uucsa’


BOGUS ‘uucsa’, in its statement has created the misleading notion that it is the ‘official’ uucsa, and that the court had found that we, GENUINE UUCSA, are not UUCSA. This idea is grossly misleading. As the matter stands, the reality is as follows: 

(1) We, that is, GENUINE UUCSA is still UUCSA. Although we confess that this name stinks due to the shenanigans of the bogus and fraud characters, the fact remains that we are UUCSA – the Genuine UUCSA.


(2) The court’s ruling pertains to ONLY expungement of the name from the records of the Trades Marks register, and to nothing beyond this. 

(3) The effect of the court’s ruling is that the name uucsa is up on the free market.   All and sundry have the right to use it until such time that it could be registered. 

(4) The court did NOT find that we were using the name ‘fraudulently’ as the Kilaab (Dogs) and Humur (Donkeys) of BOGUS ‘uucsa’ claim and propagate. It is common cause that the united Ulama Council was formed in 1970 when all the Bogus ‘uucsa’ characters were either non-existent or crawling in nappies. 

(5) Currently, despite the court’s ruling, we, GENUINE UUCSA, are still the registered owners of the name. The registrar cannot expunge our name from his records until 30 days which is the time allocated for an appeal.

(6) We have the right to appeal to the Constitutional Court. This matter is in the hands of our attorneys, Zehir Omar Attorneys, who will decide the next move.

United Ulama Council of South Africa


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