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(Qur’aan and Hadith)

The Ansaarush Shaitaan (Helpers of the Devil) ‘Souk of the Khanaazeer’ of Durban needs to be refuted on only one ground, and that is their colossal Shaitaani Deception. The deception stems from the fact that these Khanaazeer are billing themselves as ‘Muslims’, when in actual fact, they are kuffaar of the worst immoral order. Wallaah! These khanaazeer who profess themselves to be ‘Muslims’ and who with satanic deception employ Islamic terminology such as ‘Allah’, etc., are the Agents of Iblees. Shaitaan has never had in his armour of weaponry greater and more effective tools, agents and employees to promote and entrench his pernicious evil schemes such as these Souk Khanaazeer.

The following are some of the comments which innumerable Muslims of concern have written to us:

(1) “Please comment on and inform Muslims of the filthy souk trash of shaitaan’s souk in Durbam – Rocking and Rolling to Filth

Deen Squad at Ansaar Souk

Deen Squad (Shiah sympathisers). – (In addition to being Shiah sympathizers, they are actually shayaateen in human form – The Majlis)


Deen Squad is widely popular with Muslim youth as an alternative to western music. Muslim radio stations even play their songs. (These shaitaani radio stations are the instruments of kaafir ‘molvis’ masquerading as Muslims – The Majlis). A cursory look at some of the lyrics shows Shiah influence / sympathy and trivialising the Shia-Sunni differences:


1. Halal Boy

"We rock Allah's chains and my Zulfiqar"

2. Spread Out

"Abu Bakr or Ali should have been the Caliph

That was 1400 years ago (So why we still debating?")


3. Bad and Boujee "Imam Ali sword on me

I'm with the Lord Homie"


4. Ooouuu  "Shout out to the Shiah  they protecting me

(YA ALI!)"                        (End of first letter)


(2) Another Brother writes:

“Is Durban's annual Souk Trade fair becoming the Stage for a frightening Sign of the Final Hour?

(Yes, most certainly. The time is arriving for transfiguration into the forms of pigs and apes. These people of the vile shaitaani souk are in reality Khanaazeer and Qiradah (Swines and Apes). Currently, they are still in a metaphysical state of swinery and apery. But according to the Hadith the time will still come when they will be literally transformed and disfigured into swines and apes.

It should also be understood that only people of illegitimate birth are capable of acquitting themselves as do these Souk Khanaazeer. Therefore there is no surprise whatsoever in their perverse acts of satanism, immorality, piggery, swinery and apery. Their every capillary oozes with swinery. – (The Majlis)

The Brother continuing his lament says:

“This year, at the Souk Trade fair 2018 held at the Durban Exhibition Centre, the event's organisers will be hosting  ‘Muslim’ Musicians/"Islamic Hip Hop artists" - The *'Deen Squad'*.  (They are glaringly kaafir of the worst order. The name ‘Muslim’ is a satanic deception. These kuffaar are all in the employ of Iblees. Allah’s La’nat settles on them every second. – The Majlis)

“The group is famed for its songs and Music Videos that are deceptively based on Islamic matters.” (Deception is one of the most effective tools of shaitaan –The Majlis)


“The unacceptable features of this group's work includes their music videos containing semi-nude women dancing to lyrics about Allah and His Shari'ah as well as a song in which they praise the Shia for supporting them while singing guiltlessly about the condemnation they've received from groups of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah.  (There is not a single acceptable feature in the Souk of the Khaazeer. Nothing but filth, immorality and satanic perversion preponderate the Souk of the Khanaazeer. –The Majlis)


“Souk Organisers have previously hosted other similar groups that appear with the facade of being "Nasheed artists"/Faith Inspired Musicians (such as Cape Town based group ‘UNITY’), while luring our Youth and elderly into disco-like atmospheres where insult is placed on the Shari'ah and the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).


On the Souk Stage, we've seen men with no resemblance to the Sunnah having removed their Beards and chosen Western Suits over the Islamic Libaas (dressing), singing about Allah and His Rasul (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) with music intoxicating our Muslim daughters and sons to gather together, move their bodies and scream in cheer. Our daughters are encouraged to rub shoulders and take selfies with these singers and to get signed autographs, mirroring the culture of notoriety associated with the Entertainment of the Kuffar.


Our appeal to everyone who receives this is to exercise their Islamic value of Protectiveness for Islam and the Muslims, and to stay away from this Fitnah being falsely paraded as "Halaal entertainment". May Allah Guide and protect us all.”


The Prophet (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said,

_"Among my ummah there will certainly be people who permit zinaa, silk, alcohol and musical instruments…”

(Narrated by al-Bukhaarita’leeqan, no. 5590)

(End of the Brother’s letter)


“Our” daughters and elderly and youth who participate in the Khanaazeer Souk: are not blameless. They too are among the Khanaazeer, hence they attend a shaitaani affair where satanism is the only activity. All of them are under the La’nat of Allah Azza Wa Jal every second they are present at the Souk of the Khanaazeer. Indeed it is a great and a wonder coup for Iblees, La-een, Mardood. While concerned Muslims lament and grieve, it should be understood that the prelude to Allah’s Athaab and Qiyaamah is being enacted. The predictions of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) must necessarily materialize. One such materialization is the Souk of the Khanaazeer.

3 Rabiyuth Thaani 1439 - 22 December 2017


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