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[12/24, 12:24] hnajib: "Deen" (??)Squad!!!

How "Islamic" is this???

No Hayyaa! no shame! Because it's so called Islamic!!

What would Nabi sallelahu alay hi wa salam think of this ummah?


[12/24, 12:24] ‎‫: Pls let's all try to avoid that souk ladies, they have really overstepped the line and by going we are saying it's ok by us. Inshallah Allah will give your wealth Barkat and u will get the same stuff from elsewhere at a lower price!


[12/24, 12:24]‎: By S Ahmed:


Last night, like many others present at the Al-Ansaar Souk, I lost my last bit of confidence in Al-Ansaar. I entered the Souk's Outdoor Entertainment stage to create a video of the horrendous 'nightclub-like' scene taking place inside and to approach sisters in order to advise them to exit the stage-area.


"Deen Squad" - Al Ansaar's International Guests - had taken to the stage with Music that literally pounded against my insides to the point that I was certain I would vomit.

Muslim Fathers reclined on chairs while Muslim daughters in headscarves stood at the front row of the stage and violently DANCED alongside Muslim Men. What were they dancing to? Songs containing The Praises of Allah! 

I left the arena, nauseous, angry - in fact infuriated - hateful, and barely managing to hold back tears. How could an 'Islamic' Organisation so prominent in our Muslim Community, so guiltlessly endeavour to facilitate the Corruption of so many Muslims!? 

For Profits, they have exploited you and I as Muslim Youth. They have used Youth as Scapegoats, insisting that "Music events" appeal to younger people, and to therefore innovate by introducing Concerts as "Halal Entertainment" , will spike our interest in our otherwise Pure Religion. How dare they accuse us of requiring sinful instruments to remember our Deen? How dare they encourage us to not be Religiously inspired enough by the Book Of Allah and The Sunnah? 

Just as I thought it could not get any worse, we received news that while Representatives of the Ulamaa were distributing booklets outside the Souk, warning people about its Corruption, Souk Organisers sent out Kuffar security-men to "rough up" and intimidate those Esteemed Du'aat (Callers to Allah and His Shari'ah). 

For the sake of their Worldly interests, they sent out Kuffar to confront Fellow Muslims with intimidation and threats of force? Have they no regard for The Command Of Allah Who Prohibited The Believers from allying with Kuffar against Fellow Believers? Worse! They sent out Kuffar to suppress the Deliverance and Propagation of Da'wah and the Calling of People to not deviate from the straight Path!


And my words have been exhausted. 

6 Rabiyuth Thaani 1439 -25 December 2017

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