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In a recent sour grapes statement, the Carrion Certifier, SANHA, states:

“Certification is based on stringent monitoring and auditing system of every link in the supply chain......”

This claim is a massive KITHB – falsehood. It is a rotten carrion myth just as rotten as the certified carrion chickens. We say WALLAAH! SANHA’s claim is a LIE. The much trumped ‘supervision’ claim is nafsaani bunkum which hoodwinks and bamboozles the unwary man in the street.

What type of ‘supervision’ is it which permits repeated halaal-labelling of PORK? This is an ever-incremental phenomenon. Every now and again members of the public discover ‘halaal’ PORK in supermarkets and other ‘halaal’ certified outlets.

In the past it was repeatedly established that the so-called ‘supervision’ is a ghost. It is practically and logically impossible to Islamically supervise the deluge of restaurants, factories, hotels, shops, slaughtering plants, airliners, etc. which the Carrion Cabal certifies as halaal. Muslims are under Waajib obligation to abstain from devouring the rotten, diseased haraam carrion chickens which the confounded, miserable Agents of Iblees certify as halaal. Their sole objective is the millions of haraam rands they acquire for their haraam coffers from the traders who MOST reluctantly and begrudgingly pay the haraam taxes which the carrion certifiers demand. The threat to their trade by the Agents of Shaitaan in the event the businessmen refuse payment, is the inordinate pressure which compels them to submit to the haraam monetary demands of SANHA, MJC, NIHT and the other cogs in this satanic carrion-certifying industry.

The statement issued by SANHA is not the effect of any Deeni concern. It is the juicy monetary carrot which SANHA has hitherto been unable to grab with its gluttonous tentacles. It should be remembered that KFC has 850 outlets certified ‘halaal’ by other illegitimate children of Iblees. SANHA’s avaricious eyes are set on the millions which could be added to its haraam carrion coffers if it can succeed to pull off a carrion coup which would boot out the other carrion certifiers, to secure more millions for SANHA. It is nothing but money that constrained SANHA to issue its stupid and false ‘supervision’ myth.

Muslims should reflect and understand that by devouring the mountains of rotten, diseased halaalized carrion chickens, they are destroying their Imaan as well as their health. The deluge of grave diseases in the community is not surprising. Most of these diseases are attributable to the filth and rot which Muslims are nowadays addicted to – filth and rot which are fit for only two species in creation: VULTURES AND DEVILS.  The certified chickens may not be fed to even dogs according to the Shariah, yet Muslims devour the filth with relish. Thus, they have descended to levels lower than dogs. In fact they are on par with vultures and shayaateen.

Warning Muslims to beware of  becoming shayaateen by devouring   filth fit for devils, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“O People” Eat  from the earth that which is halaal and tayyib (lawful and wholesome), and do not follow in the footsteps of shaitaan.”

The food of  shaitaan is carrion. By  devouring carrion,  human beings follow in the footsteps of shaitaan, ultimately becoming human devils. Continuing, the Aayat states:

“Verily, he (shaitaan) is your avowed enemy. He instructs you  only with evil and immorality, and that you fabricate on Allah that  which you know not.”

Consumption of satanic carrion breeds in man shaitaani attributes – greed, bestiality, shamelessness, the love for zina and immorality in general, etc.  Carrion ingestion destroys all Imaani attributes. Truth is substituted with falsehood, hence the speciality of carrion certifiers and carrion devourers is to speak and propagate LIES. Kithb penetrates every capillary in their bodies. Falsehood pervades their entire being. There is only zulmat dripping from their faces. Literally and spiritually, they STINK.  May Allah Ta’ala save the Ummah from these demons who have succeeded in the satanic conspiracy of ruining the morality of Muslims with the haraam rotten carrion they market as ‘halaal’.

2 Jumadiyul Ula 1439 (20 January 2018)


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