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Mufti Zar Wali Khaan (Shaykhut-Tafseer Wal-Hadeeth of Jaami’ah Ahsanul-Uloom Pakistan)

(Translated from Urdu)


(The ‘error’ is egregiously deliberate. The intentional ‘error’ is the effect of the avarice and greed for the tens of thousands of dollars which the international riba banks pay to these miscreant molvis and sheikhs for  issuing fatwas of jawaaz – permissibility – for their haraam riba products – The Majlis)

Some people began to announce that interest is haraam and it is obligatory to abstain from it. (Every jaahil Muslim is aware of the evil of riba. However, this announcement refers to the wiles of those who plotted to capitalize on this Shar’i prohibition by operating  so-called ‘islamic’ banks where RIBA dealings are deceptively affixed with Islamically-sounding designations to dupe the ignorant, and to provide cover for the wealthy, greedy, money-hungry  Muslim capitalists – The Majlis)

The so-called ‘islamic-banks’, fraudsters, deceits and liars who plunder and pillage the Imaan of the Ummah started taking advantage of it (i.e. of Islam’s prohibition of interest to  establish so-called ‘islamic’ banks where the same western riba system  operate, camouflaged with Islamic nomenclature –The Majlis) Oh! that Al-Meezaan marvellous! Oh! that Al-barakah!  (Al-Meezaan is Mufti Taqi’s riba bank – The Majlis)

But, in reality there is no islaamic-bank in the whole world, not even in the noble Arab lands. There was one Al-Faisal ‘Islamic’ bank regarding which 300 senior Ulama of Makkah informed the King that “we find nothing of Islam in it. On the contrary, it is an institution of sheer interest. Then while Al-Faisal bank continued with its existence, the term, Islam was deleted from it’s name so that Islam is not disgraced.

This is theft and trickery because haraam is perpetrated and perpetuated in the name of Islam. Four hundred Fuqaha from Karachi and from  around Pakistan have issued a written statement that in these so-called ‘islamic’ banks there is not even a hundredth part of a percent of Islam. Just as Ghulaam Ahmad Qaadiyaani is not a Nabee, and just as there is nothing of Islam in him, so too, in the same manner the banking system (the so-called ‘islamic’ banking system) is way- extremely far away from Islam. (These banks have no resemblance to Islam and not even have they any semblance of Islam. They are gigantic frauds, heinous agents of shaitaan. They market Rnna as trade. Describing them, the Qur’aan Majeed says: “Those who devour riba do not stand except as one who has been driven to insanity by the touch of shaitaan. That is because they say: ‘Verily, trade is like riba.’, whilst Allah has made halaal trade and made riba haraam.” There in ordered lust for the dollars has maddened them, deranged their brains and constrained them to barter away their Imaan for the boodle. – The Majlis)

Then there are those interest-based banks which people understand to be wrong as there is interest involved in it. There is lesser evil in these interest-based banks in comparison to the so-called ‘islamic’-banks, because when people deal with these interest-based banks they do so with a guilty conscience. They understand that they are embroiling themselves, Thus they acquire the taufeeq to repent. The supplicate: “Yaa ALLAAH! Do forgive us and provide us with such halaal means which are free from even a cent of contamination.” It is stated in the Hadeeth:

“To take even a dirham of interest is like fornicating seventy times with one’s own mother within the Baitullaah.” (This is the satanism which the bank molvis and the bank ‘shariah’ boards halaalize. – The Majlis)

People dealing with these interest-based banks acknowledge their sin and consider themselves to be sinful. But these so-called ‘islamic’-banks are looters in the name of Islam. There is absolutely nothing of Islam in them. Neither in Mezaan bank (of Mufti Taqi) nor in Al-barakah bank nor in any of other myths which are dubbed ‘islamic’-banks.

Ulama are unanimous that those Ulama (Ulama-e-soo’ – The Majlis) who are leading (and misleading – The Majlis) these so-called ‘islaamic banks are in a manifest error. The most senior amongst the Ulama, Maulana Saeemullaah Khaan (Rahmatullah alayh) had held a gathering of Ulama of Pakistan against these banks. The country’s most esteemed Madrasah Jaami’ah Islaamiyah published a book in refutation of these banks. Four hundred Fuqaha and Muftiyaan collectively prepared a written statement in which they categorically declared the nullity of these ‘islamic’ banks. They are null and void even in the remotest sense of Islam.

These banks are blatantly interest institutions. They are sheer interest or even worse than interest. When the heads of these banks were questioned they informed, they conceded their interest dealings. They said: “We give the interest amount to the other donors, we give them the profits too.” (This is the convolution stupidly and irrationally disgorged by those whose brains have been deranged by the spell of Shaitaan. – The Majlis) Then the hoodwink people, deceiving them to accept that this (satanism) is ‘islamic’.

If someone describes a beautiful donkey or a mule to be a mountain bull to some ignorant person, the donkey/mule is not transformed into a mountain bull, and such deception does not become halaal. The donkey and mule will remain a donkey and a mule. Or, if someone places a container of sewerage-gutter water in his fridge and affixes to it a label on which is printed with Maa-uz-Zamzam or Maa-ul-Hayaat or Maa-ush-Shifaa, there then just as this is deceit, so too is the deceit of those claiming that these banks  are  ‘islamic’. They are guilty of the most heinous lies.

Al-Hamdulillaah, Lahore is one of the leading cities of our country in which the Fuqaha and Ulama have assembled at this time. The Ulama from around the country gathered under the leadership of our Buzrugh Mufti Habeebullaah Jaan, and they once again warned the banks that they should not label any of their departments as ‘islamic’ and that they should not resort to lies. They emphasised that there is not a single place in the whole world where the banks are on the way Islamic.

When banks started putting up the banners ‘islam’, calling themselves ‘islamic’ banks, I asked one banker how is this possible? He replied: “it is not so. Our work progresses as people search for something”.

Khasirad-dunyaa wal-aakhirah.

(Destruction for him in the dunyaa and the Aakhirah.)

Thaalika huwal-khusraanum-mubeen.

(That is indeed a manifest destruction.)


Al-Hamdulillaah, our Jaami’ah ‘Arabiyah Ahsanul-‘Uloom has also published a special edition on this subject. Its name is, “So-called islamic-bank – Clarification, Research, Fataawaa.

In the light of the research of the Fuqaha and Ulama, a veritable encyclopaedia has been prepared. Even prior to this, I have discussed the issue and have informed people, and safeguard their Imaan from the fraud of those who are perpetuating the haraam myth and deceiving in the name of Deen. Laa Ilaaha Illallaah!

The need for this clarification) arose as some people were saying that haraam is being perpetuated on a massive level, and even some molvis too are involved in it. So Maulana Saleemullaah Khaan (Rahmatullah alayh) who is their Ustaadh (He is the Ustaadh of Mufti Taqi – The Majlis) said in the same gathering: “They are not speaking the truth in this matter.” This statement of his has been recorded. That program is preserved and is on record. The write-up of that program was also published by Ahsanul-‘Uloom. These forty Fuqaha present at that time in the gathering have endorse it, stating that there is no ‘islamic banking anywhere, and that those so-called ‘islamic’ banks) are in conflict with Islam, and that it is necessary to abstain from them.

Laa Ilaaha Illallaah! What kind of age has dawned? There is dissension amongst Ahle-Haqq also. Those who are consider the flag-bearers of Deen and Ilm have fallen in manifest deviation. (They may have been associated at one time with the Ahl-e-Haqq. But now they have brazenly aligned themselves with Ahl-e-Baatil – The Majlis)

May Allaah Ta’ala safeguard the Imaan and the Khatamah (Maut – the end of life) with Khair and Aafiyah (Aameen)......

“Laa yakhaafoona fillaahi law mata laaim”

(They don't fear the criticism of the critics (in matters of the Deen) – Qur’aan

Those to whom Allaah Ta’ala bestows such a lofty rank, they fearlessly proclaim such masaa-il (Haqque) so that the Muslims may safeguard their Imaan.

13 Jamaadil Awwal 1439 – 31 January 2018

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