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The MJC Carrion halaalizing outfit acting as a front for the Saudi Najdi regime, has announced the date and venue for the Saudi regime’s propaganda stunt. The supposed ‘ulama’ conference is nothing but a Saudi stunt in an attempt to resurrect its tattered and torn image, destroyed by it oppression, injustice and abolition of the Shariah.

The MJC is a fence-sitter. When it suits its monetary lusts, it will side with the Shiahs, and when its bread is buttered by the evil Saudi oppressors, then it will serve that master.

The advert released by the MJC to gain support for the Najdi conference of morons is full of sound and stupid fury signifying nothing but Saudi propaganda.

The main speaker at the propaganda conference is a Saudi university professor. He will be the agent selling a deceptive face of the Saudi regime, and the MJC is the handmaid doing the dirty spadework. Everyone who has some understanding knows that a conference headed by a Saudi dignitary will be a propaganda stunt adorned with deeni hues to dupe the ignorant and to provide justification to sell-outs such as the MJC juhala and fussaaq.

Only a man who happens to be a slave and lackey of the Saudi regime can be a professor at a Saudi university. This man will be here in South Africa at the command of the Saudi Najdi regime, and the MJC has been tasked with the advertising stunts.

There is nothing about the Deen in this proposed propaganda stunt. Muslims should not be misled and duped into the Saudi propaganda snare. We should not forget the brutality being currently perpetrated by the Saudis in Yemen. We must not become oblivious of the haraam kuffaar process of dismantling the Shariah in Saudi Arabia which is currently being implemented at Trump’s command.

The Shariah is being abolished in Saudi Arabia. There will still be greater repression and brutality unleashed by the Najdi regime. Insha-Allah, this tyrannical regime’s days are numbered. The writing is on the wall. It is for this reason that the regime is organizing conferences in foreign countries in the hopeless bid to sustain its hegemony.

It is not expected of genuine Ulama to grace the Najdi propaganda conference with their presence. While fussaaq and fujjaar of the MJC’s ilk will attend the merrymaking propaganda stunt, Ulama-e-Haqq will never be participants in an event organized to support ZAALIMEEN.

22 Jamaadil Awwal 1439 - 9 February 2018


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