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The following letter sent by a concerned, irate parent reveals the extent of moral degradation of the maktab male and female teachers, and the total collapse of the holy Maktab system which in the early days were Institutions of the Aakhirat.


Asalaamualaikum respected Ulama. 

I wish to state that is the end of the Maktab system as we know it. 

I have tried 3 different Madrassahs in Lenasia and put my children into 3 different Madrassahs. 

The things I've noted and had confirmed with my children are below:


1) No respect

2) The bigger children listen to music in the Madrassah classes whilst their 'Moulana' is there. They listen to music using their cellphones. Mind you, the Qur'an is present as well.

3) Girls are told to wear Purdah in certain Madrassahs ie to make purdah from their Moulana yet he comes towards the girls and kisses their foreheads. When I approached him about his ways, he asked me for Maaf and said it was a Sunnat of making the children comfortable so learning can be uninterrupted and is a way of showing the children not to be scared of him. I basically told him he was talking rubbish.

4) The apas who teach grade 2 rush the kids, it is an indication of their lack of love for teaching the children

5) Fees are a priority

6) Those in charge of the Madrassahs 'don't want to get involved' and beat around the bush. They cover up for their teachers and their crystal clear discrepancies.


When we went to Madrassah the teachers of old respected the Qur'an and loved their jobs despite not getting paid. They lived the Qur'an, may ALLAH bless them all and fill their kabrs with noor and grant them entry into Jannat for making a difference in our lives through the Maktab system.


Today's Moulana's and Apas especially in Lenasia think they are something special. They are arrogant, rude, swear, abuse the children and just have this rotten attitude and personality. To those who are not guilty you are indeed few and far between and I haven't come across you yet, so I'm sorry for that.


My son didn't want to go back to Madrassah. He said his teacher was not teaching him but screaming and cursing.


These Madrassahs in Lenasia are well known and many send their children there.


Do parents ask their children if the Moulanas and even the principals of the Madrassah hug and kiss the girl children.


Some boys go past some of the Apas classes deliberately to have a look at the apas as their purdah is lifted up when they teaching and when a Moulana passes by, they quickly drop it over their faces.


I'm afraid and could even be wrong to draw this conclusion, that the maktab system is collapsing in Lenasia and many children opt to rather not go to Madrassah. When we as parent's try to send our children to these madrassahs we are often met with hostility and an attitude that does not become a Muslim or Islamic organisation.


How do we encourage our children to go to such institutions.


Since removing my children from a madrassah in Lenasia where the Moulana kissed my daughter on her head and where I spent in excess of R2,000 for uniforms, kitaabs and a our day, I have not heard from the administration of that madrassah. Just goes to show.


This letter was written to update the Ulama of the Mujlisul Ulama what we face as layman from problems in Madrassahs, Masjids, business rights, etc. etc. It is only going from bad to worse.


Jazakallah Khairan for any Naseeha given.



(End of letter)

The justification which the shaitaan presented for his obscenity of kissing the girl pupils is satanic RUBBISH. The only vile motive for kissing the girls is sexual gratification.

Almost all of these teachers –male and female – are crass materialists and are pursuing only mercenary objectives. The Deen is the furthest from their minds and hearts, hence they are capable of their haraam antics whilst teaching the Qur’aan Majeed.

The old holy Maktab system which safeguarded the Imaan and morals of the children has collapsed and now remains a mere shadow. The same obscenities and evils are found in the Darul Ulooms of this age.  All of these so-called Deeni institutions come within the purview of the Hadith which predicts some of the Signs of Qiyaamah:

“....Knowledge will be acquired for purposes other than the Deen

.......The dunya will be searched with the amal of the Aakhirat.”

Whilst these mercenaries falsely convey the idea that they are Deeni personnel engaging in Deeni service, in reality they are using the Deen for the carrion of the dunya, hence they suffer no pangs of conscience when they indulge in filth and obscenities right inside the Maktab whilst teaching the Qur’aan Majeed. Really, there is no solution for this deluge of fisq and fujoor. Only those who have the means can still save their children by hiring an Ustaad to teach at home. But this too will be neutralized if the children attend public secular schools where their very Imaan is at stake.

The parent has provided his name and the name of the Lenasia maktab where the so-called maulana kisses the girls.  Just after attending the maktab for one day, the parent removed her from the immoral haunt. The administration being just as corrupt as the teacher, simply swept the parent’s complaint under the carpet.

22 Jamaadil Awwal 1439 -- 9 February 2018


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