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A Madrasah Student in the U.K. offers the following valid advice for those whose gaze is not on Allah Ta’ala. They separate their mundane affairs from the Deen thereby portraying the gross deficiency of their Imaan.



Many Muslims today are purchasing houses on mortgage, thereby involving themselves in interest. The self-serving rationale they dish up is that in this day & age, due to a housing shortage and high demand, it's difficult to find rented accommodation and purchasing outright is almost impossible.


They therefore invoke the concept of "necessity", without consulting a Mufti, yet at the same acknowledge that although it's difficult to find rented accommodation, it's not impossible.


In addition, if one were to live according to needs only, as Sahabah did, it would be easier to find suitable rented accommodation. For example, there is no need to rent a 3 bedroom house if a couple are newly married. It's also not a right to own a home. Did every Sahabi own a house?


Aside from the technicalities as to what level of difficulty constitutes "necessity" in Shari'ah, if people knew of the punishment in the hereafter for being part of an interest based transaction, they would avoid it all costs. If their hearts really had Love of Allah, they would not seek war with him, as per the Qur'an, by involving themselves in interest.


The reality is that due to materialism, complacency and weak Imaan, people calling themselves Muslims, neither have the Love of Allah, nor fear of the punishment in the hereafter.


Today everybody invokes their own subjective understanding of dharoorah (necessity) without a care in the world as to whether the concept actually does apply in their situation. Those that have a little conscience will seek out a mufti who will issue a ruling allowing them to take out a mortgage. In other words, they are playing a game with Shari'ah, but the only person they are deceiving is themselves.


If these people worked on their Imaan on a daily basis & thereby placed reliance on Allah alone, Allah would find a way out for them without needing to resort to interest. It's not the case that someone genuinely wants to stay away from sin and Allah abandons him.


When all the doors were locked and there appeared to be no escape for Yusuf Alayhis Salam from the clutches of adultery, Allah Ta'ala unlocked the doors for him, based on his taqwa. In other words, he genuinely wanted to refrain from sin, so Allah assisted him.


These are not fairytales with no significance to the modern era. These stories are lessons for the Ummah today, that if you adopt the same methodology, you will see the same Help of Allah. It's not the case that Allah's help is restricted to that era only or, na'oodhoobillah, His powers have deteriorated over time.

22 Jamaadil Awwal 1439 - 9 February 2018


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