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A Durban entity, Darush Shaitaan, dubbing itself ‘darul ihsan, masquerading as an Islamic body has been incrementally exposing its haraam, fisq, fujoor and kufr activities, leanings and attitudes. With its recent  adoption of total kufr ideology, it has finally exposed its hidden kufr.

In an exceptionally puerile and stupid function  to unveil a stupid logo reflecting its kufr brains and shaitaaniyat, this entity reveals its bootlicking of  the ruling authorities, hence, it follows and licks them right into the ‘lizard’s hole’ in the  words of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Whilst this Agent of Iblees deceives the Muslim community with the   superficial ‘islamic’ outer-facade with which it adorns itself, it has finally exposed itself as a bootlicker of kuffaar ideologies and of the kuffaar rulers whom it is out to woo with its bootlicking and truckling acts of obeisance,

This illegitimate progeny of Shaitaan, proudly and shamelessly advertises its ‘ubuntu’ and ‘empowerment’ colours. Whatever these may stand for. there is nothing of Islam in this  kufr ideology with which the Agent of Iblees is seeking to dupe and bamboozle Muslims.

While ordinarily there would be no need to comment on the shenanigans of entities of this satanic ilk which preponderate society, the need to comment and criticize develops in view of this Iblees, La-een, Mardood masquerading as a Muslim. But be assured that there is nothing Islamic in this Daarud Devil.

The juhala molvis and the chief Iblees, Bayat, are sure signs of Qiyaamah. It comes in the Hadith that among the signs of Qiyaamah will be:

  • That Ilm of the Deen will be pursued for worldly objectives
  • That deeds which Allah Ta’ala has ordained for the acquisition of the Aakhirat will be practised for the achievement of worldly goals.

This is precisely what Darush Shaitaan and similar other entities in the community are perpetrating. They all are the minor ‘dajjaals’ predicted by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) who will be the prelude for ushering in the era of the actual great Dajjaal. These small dajjaals who in this age abound, are all working to set the stage for their mentor, the Great Dajjaal.

Whilst the Muslim community reeks of the stench of filth, immorality, fisq and fujoor, and whilst the Ummah  languishes worldwide in squalor, jahaalat and grinding poverty and suffering, this Agent of Iblees, Bayat, Shaitaan & Co. stupidly raise  the kuffaar slogans of ‘ubuntu’ and ‘empowerment’. From which ‘quraan’ and ‘hadith’ did these followers of Iblees acquire these slogans with which they attempt to con and mislead the Muslim community? Shaitaan also has a ‘quraan’ and ‘hadith’ which Allah Ta’ala granted him when he (Iblees) supplicated for these on the occasion of his disgraceful expulsion from the heavens for his rebellious refusal to prostrate to Hadhrat Aadam (Alayhis salaam) at the command of Allah Azza Wa Jal.

Allah Ta’ala informed him: “Your quraan will be poetry and singing and your hadith will be lies and falsehood.” The slogans, aims and objectives of Darush Shaitaan are  structured on the quraan and hadith of Iblees. This is what these Shayaateenul Ins (human devils) are portraying as ‘islam’.

This shaitaani entity is promoting itself as an ‘islamic’ outfit and abortively endeavouring to project an ‘islamic’ identity whilst its sphere of operation and its activities are in conflict with Islam. The  sinister aim for the desire to promote an ‘islamic’ identity for itself is to extravagate Zakaat and Lillaah funds from the Muslim community for its shaitaani  projects of ‘ubuntu’ and ‘empowerment’ for which it is painfully and abortively labouring to present as Islamic projects.

It is HARAAM for Muslims to contribute Zakaat and Lillaah funds to this outfit of shayaateen.

Disgorging shaitaani ghutha, this Agent of Iblees says in its silly statement:

“GUIDANCE encompasses all aspects of our religious activities which includes Fatawa, Islamic Counselling, Education and Spiritual upliftment.”

How can an evil outfit which promotes shaitaani guidance with its kuffaar slogans ever even understand what the meaning of ‘spiritual upliftment’ is in terms of the Qur’aan and Sunnah? What relationship is there between Deeni activities and Roohaani/Islahi tarbiyat (spiritual upliftment and ‘ubunt’ and ‘empowerment’? Shaitaan has indeed mangled the brains of these shayaateenul ins molvis who are wallowing in a drunken stupor in the dregs of their nafsaaniyat.

The Qur’aan Majeed explicitly and emphatically declares that the ONLY guidance is the GUIDANCE (HUDA) of Allah Ta’ala. There is never any Deeni and divine guidance in the ideologies of ubuntu and empowerment. For those such as this Ibleesi outfit who search for guidance in kufr concepts such as ‘ubuntu’ and ‘empowerment’, Allah Ta’ala says in His Glorious Kalaam:

“Whoever searches for a deen (way of life/ideology) other than Islam, never ever will it be accepted from him, and in the Aakhirat he will be among the losers (destined for Hell-Fire),”

Bayat & Co. have committed kufr after having been professed Muslims.  For them the Qur’aan says: “How can Allah guide people who have committed kufr after their Imaan........? Allah does not guide people who are Zaalimeen.”

Disgorging more shaitaaniyat, this Ibleesi cartel says:

“Ubuntu is a nationally renowned word which embraces the values and principles of our humaneness and the importance of reaching out to the people and sharing and caring.”

This flotsam disgorgement vividly portrays the utter Islamic moral bankruptcy and jahaalat of this shaitaani group of individuals leading other juhala to Jahannam. These wayward molvis have bartered away their Aakhirat for the dunya. They have sold their souls to shaitaan in exchange for the miserable jeefah (carrion) crumbs of this dunya.

The use of the term ‘our’ in the aforementioned flotsam statement is exceptionally deceptive in that the underlying motive is that this ‘ubuntu’ ideology is ‘islamic’. But this is a shaitaani lie and snare. The values and principles of Islam are poles apart and mutually repellent of the values and principles of ideologies such as ubuntu, empowerment and the plethora of other kufr ideologies and nafsaani theories. There is no resemblance and no affinity between ubuntu/empowerment ideology and the values and principles of Islam. But these human shayaateen of Darush Shaitaan deceptively struggle to present the values and principles of ubuntu as Islam.

May Allah Ta’ala save the Ummah from the wiles, snares, plots and satanism of these shaitaani outfits masquerading as Muslims. The Arabic name of Darush Shaitaan and the deceptive depiction of minarets in its shaitaani logo is a massive act of nifaaq and ghadr. The objective of these artefacts of deception is to deceive and mislead the Muslim community.

About the ugly ilk of this shaitaani outfit, Hadhrat Umar (Radhiyallahu anhu) said:  “Whoever deceives the servants (of Allah), Allah will disgrace him.”

Thus, these shaitaani molvis will not escape the Divine Lash of Athaab.

5 Jamaadith Thaani 1439 - 21 February 2018


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