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SANHA has perennially been piping its monotonous, false and deceptive theme of its hallucinated ‘supervision’ of the innumerable carrion outlets it has certified ‘halaal’ solely and solely for the haraam boodle. The boodle is the haraam fruit of the haraam ‘agreement’ which the carrion cartel entities extravasate from the traders who pay reluctantly and grudgingly to avoid being blackmailed which in their opinion will cause loss of sales.

So uncontrollable has become this haraam certificate devilish trade, that many traders are utilizing SANHA’s logo without the consent of the carrion entity. Now SANHA is compelled to scream ‘fraudulent use’ of its haraam logo. It is fraud against fraud. Fraud is being fought with fraud. SANHA frauds Allah’s Shariah by halaalizing carrion. Now many traders are ‘fraudulently’ using SANHA’s logo to pass off their carrion and haraam wares to a stupid public addicted to carrion consumption – an addiction caused by the cartel of haraam, illegitimate carrion halaalizers.

In its latest cry which debunks its own claim of ‘supervision’, SANHA lists three traders who are using its logo ‘fraudulently’. With rotten egg all over its face, SANHA issued the following circular:

Tollas Diary, Cape Town - Fraudulent use of the SANHA Logo


Tollas Dairy, Brackenfell, Cape Town, has used the SANHA Halaal logo fraudulently. Their products are NOT certified by SANHA.


= = = = = = = = = = =

Best Bread Bakeries, Pintown, Fraudulent use of the SANHA Logo


Best Bread BAKERIES, Pinetown, Kzn, has used the SANHA Halaal logo fraudulently. Their products are NOT certified by SANHA.


= = = = = = = = = = = =

SIMS Cheese, Durban, Fraudulent use of the SANHA logo


SIMS CHEESE, DURBAN, KWA-ZULU NATAL, has used the SANHA Halaal logo fraudulently. Their products are NOT certified by SANHA.


Besides these three culprits, there is a whole list of other unscrupulous traders who have used SANHA’s carrion logo ‘fraudulently’. And, it was only after no one knows how many Muslims had consumed the haraam products, that SANHA was   alerted to the ‘fraud’.  Even after the belated warning was issued by SANHA, countless Muslims continued to devour the carrion products.  A simple stupid announcement takes ages to filter through to the public, and then too it does not reach each and every carrion-consumer.

Thus, if  the SANHA clique still believes that they have Imaan, then we frail to comprehend how can these scoundrels ever sleep peacefully despite their awareness of Muslims devouring carrion which either SANHA has halaalized or  which  has been ‘fraudulently’ advertised as ‘halaal’ using  SANHA’s carrion logo.

Muslims should wake up and not pretend and deceive themselves into believing that all the ‘halaal’ certified carrion chickens, carrion meats and other carrion products which they are gluttonously devouring like dogs and vultures are halaal. All of this halaalized rotten muck is diseased haraam carrion. It is the food of shaitaan which they are consuming. May Allah Ta’ala guide all these carrion-eaters to understand the physical and spiritual damage they are causing their bodies and souls with this food of shaitaan to which they have become addicted.

11 Jamaadith Thaani 1439 - 27 February 2018


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