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Is it Islamically valid for the  Shura faction of the Tabligh Jamaat to debar  from the Masjids the Nizaamuddin faction? Ordinary people are absolutely  confused at the  mutual animosity of the two groups. The work  of tabligh is being harmed by the infighting, The Shura group commits the following acts:

1.Banning Jamaats from Nizaamuddin

2. Closing Masaajid for Nizàamuddin Brothers.

3. Chasing away those Jamaats.

4. Locking Masaajid for these Jamaats.

5. Refusing sleeping facilities for these Jamaats and an array of other evil and vice.

Please comment and provide Shar’i direction for us ordinary people, and for the trustees of the Musjids who are pressurized to ban the Nizaamuddin faction.


The fracas and nafsaaniyat inspired by shaitaan in the two camps of the Tabligh Jamaat are indeed extremely lamentable and disgusting. The spirit of the Deen has been smothered in the ranks of the Jamaat. Ikhlaas has been extinguished. Their ‘tableegh’ is no longer motivated   for the acquisition of the Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala and for the sake of the Deen.


The degree of mutual animosity is really shocking. The Tabligh Jamaat members at no stage before had even a small portion of their current mutual enmity for even the Qabar Pujaaris. Whilst they initially would not indulge even in gheebat of non-Muslims, now they feast on gheebat of one another. They devour the flesh of their dead brothers with a relish envied by shaitaan. And, all of this villainy is being perpetrated in the name of the Deen whilst there is in reality no Deen left in them. Minus Ikhlaas, the deeni activity is a massive deception.

All of the acts mentioned in the question are haraam. It is not permissible to descend to the degenerate ebb of preventing the other group from using the Musjids for their tableegh. In this, the Shura faction is guilty of an enormous notoriety.


Despite the split, there is no need for banning any of the groups. Neither should the Shura faction ban the Nizaamddin faction from Musjid it controls, nor vice versa. All Jamaats regardless of the faction they are aligned to, must be allowed free access to the Musjids. They must be allowed to carry out their tableegh activity. As long as they adhere to the SIX fundamental points of the Tabligh Jamaat, they must be allowed in the Musjids. It is their right to be in the Musjid.


Trustees of the Musaajid should not toe the haraam line of the Shura group regarding the ban slapped on the Nizaamuddin group. The Majlis is not in support of any of the groups to the detriment of the other. Our stance is that both factions should be allowed the Musjid facilities for their tableegh work on condition that there is no gheebat activity and no fitnah. The common and valid basis is the SIX points. Now when it is agreed to continue the work on these Six points, then there is absolutely no Shar’i reason for banning the Nizaamuddin group.


We urge the Shura group’s leadership to reconsider the haraam ban which has been imposed by them on their brothers of the Nizaamiddin faction. Leave the haraam, nafsaani and shaitaani leadership crisis to perish in  Nizaamiddin and Raiwand. Why have they imported this satanism into foreign countries, thereby extinguishing the soul of the Jamaat?


Maulana Tootla Sahib of Stanger is perhaps the oldest Tablighi Jamaat worker in South Africa.  The youngster molvis who have banned him from the Musaajid simply because he aligns himself to the Nizaamiddin faction, are guilty of treason against not only the dead elders of the Jamaat, but against the Deen itself. How can they act so dastardly as to ban one of their most senior and most aged Workers who has dedicated his life to the Tabligh Jamaat? Has the Jamaat become a Mafia syndicate?


It is haraam for Musjid trustees to submit to the haraam ban ordered by the Shura group. Open up all the Musjids for all the tablighi groups of both factions. Just stick to the Six points and shaitaan will be defeated. Currently shaitaan is flowing in your veins like blood. Shaitaan has in fact become the ameer of the Tabligh Jamaat.


The chasm between the factions has been incrementally widening by the day. There appears no hope for bridging the gap. The degree of nafsaaniyat and shaitaaniyat at the top is appealingly shocking and lamentable. We call on the groups to fear Allah Ta’ala.


If the current mutual hatred and ideology of gheebat and haraam measures is not abandoned, then our advice is that all sincere Muslims who have Islam at heart and whose objective is the Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala, should withdraw from Tabligh Jamaat activity. It is harmful to remain in a group which utilizes the Deen for the attainment of nafsaani goals. May Allah Ta’ala grant then all good hidaayat.  Was-salaam

19 Rajab 1439 (6 April 2018)


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