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Naseehat For The Raiwand Tablighi Faction

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Some Ulama have just now brought to our notice that the Raiwand Tablighi Jamaat faction which is today in Port Elizabeth at Musjidul Fuqara in Malabar has planned a so-called ulama gathering for tonight at a madrasah in Port Elizabeth. The ostensible objective of this meeting is to explain the story of the Shura faction. 

We urge that this meeting be cancelled. The outcome of this gathering will be greater fitnah. Instead of making an effort to bridge the ever-widening chasm between the two factions, the purpose of this meeting is only to dig in their heels. It will be a charade of gheebat about its adversary, the Nizaamuddin group. 

It is haraam to attend this type of gathering. There is no Deeni Maqsad underlying this proposed meeting to explain Raiwand’s stance. There is no Deeni benefit in it. It is ‘tableegh’ of fitnah. The effort should be to heal the wound, not to exacerbate this destructive cancer which has rent the Jamaat asunder. 

Those in charge of the madrasah have grievously erred for allowing this uncalled for gathering which is designed for only gaining support for the Raiwand faction thereby fanning the flames of fitnah further. 

Our initial understanding was that the Raiwand faction is coming to Port Elizabeth for pure Tabligh work based on the SIX points. But it now appears otherwise. May Allah Ta’ala guide them.

23 Rajab 1439 (10 April 2018)


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