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A Brother sends the following information regarding the halaalization of haraam sausages and products of a kaafir restaurant:


Please note that the Halaal Council of Africa have certified as Halaal the Sausage Saloon in Musgrave Centre, Durban. This store is owned by a non-Muslim (Ms. Renusha Ramessar). 

The NIHT had certified this Sausage Saloon whilst under the previous owner.

(End of letter)

This is no longer newsworthy. Nevertheless, it is necessary to inform the carrion addicted section of the Muslim community as part of our obligation of Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar. Concerned Muslims who have some understanding of the Commands of Allah Ta’ala pertaining to food, will not venture near to these carrion restaurants halaalized by the Carrion Cartel. The very stench emitted by these haraam outlets is revolting to halaal-conscious Muslims. Every smell emerging from these places smells like pork being cooked.


These carrion people have sold their Imaan and have purchased Jahannam. They have paid a heavy price for Jahannam. They are paying with their Imaan.


It is essential to understand that there is not a single reliable and valid   organization on whom any trust whatsoever could be placed. They all, without exception, are the worst shaitaani scoundrels prowling on the surface of the earth.


Illegitimate offspring is generally addicted to carrion consumption, immorality and shamelessness. Thus carrion halaalization is   just in their blood. May Allah Ta’ala save the ignorant ones who are devouring the halaalized carrion.


8 Sha’baan 1439 (25 April 2018)


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