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Vaccination Potions of Filth and Poison May Ruin Your Hajj & Umrah

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“Vaccines & polio drops may contain many filthy and impure substances from animals and humans that do not undergo complete change and remain impure.

Animal DNA/RNA, baby foreskin, chick kidney & embryo, cows blood & gelatine, dog kidney, faecal matter & urine, foetal cells from aborted babies, hidden viruses & bacteria, horse blood & serum, human DNA/RNA, infected homosexuals blood, macerated cancer cells, monkey kidney & viruses, mouse brain, pig blood & gelatine, pus from diseased animals, sweepings from diseased children, poisons like aluminium, mercury, polysorbate, contaminants and many more.”

Vaccination Potions of Filth and Poison

Last Updated on Monday, 07 May 2018 10:18  

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