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Just as commercially produced artificial/plastic broiler chickens cause  many diseases including cancer, and just as processed junk ‘food’ causes disease, so too does commercially produced fish which is fed on poisons and filth. In this regard, a Brother from the U.S.A. writes: 


Enclosed is an article from I cut and paste due to the pictures in the article. We are extremely concerned about the fish industry. This fish like tilapia, and swai is very common and is more affordable. We do not eat this fish either. Inshallah it will be beneficial to your readers.

The Basa Fish Can Be Very Dangerous for Your Health. The Basa fish (Pangasius Fillets) is sold as frozen fillets all around Europe.

This type of fish is one of the most favorite foods in almost every European country. It is pretty affordable and tasty. However, this fish which originates from Vietnam, is a low-quality fish and can be very dangerous for your health.

To be more precise, this fish is cultivated near the Mekong River in Vietnam, which is grossly polluted. Actually, it is one of the most polluted rivers in the world. Additionally, the Basa fish is cultivated in pools which contain large amounts of toxins and high levels of bacteria that end up in the meat.

Namely, it has been found that the meat contains heavy metals, chlorate, isomers, hexachlorobenzene, and other toxic elements. The USA doesn’t allow the import of the Basa fish as there was a suspicion that this fish even contains antibiotics.

The Basa fish is injected with antibiotics and hormones in order to increase their size. The meat contains hormones that promote its growth and reproduction. Then, the fish is sold in partnership with bigger companies.

This fish, which is labelled as the Basa fish in the USA, doesn’t contain any nutrients. It might be tasty, but you should avoid it.  (End of letter)

Beware of disease-causing broiler chickens

Beware of disease-causing commercially produced fish

Beware of processed junk ‘food’.



Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“O People! Eat from the earth that which is halaal and tayyib (permissible and wholesome – pure of filth and disease), and do not follow in the footsteps of shaitaan. Verily, he is your declared enemy. Verily, he instructs you with only evil and immorality and that you utter about Allah what you know not.”

21 Sha’baan 1439 (8 May 2018)


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