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Complaining about the filth and mess of musallis at the time of Iftaar, a Brother from Johannesburg writes: 

This is an open message to my Islamic brothers who go to the massajids to open or break their fast. This is something that I often bring up, and that is that each one of you should clean up after your own when you have opened your fast.

We tend to eat, get up and leave a mess for the muezzin to clean up after us. This is unacceptable, and must immediately stop.


Yesterday at the first iftaar nobody again cared to clean up after them. Khajoor pips strewn all over the place, crumbs, spilled haleem and milkshake too. Nobody cared.


Then the muezzin went about cleaning after everyone, who even when done with salaah did not bother to help him. The muezzin is not your cleaner.


I will repeat my story of when I was on a masjid committee. The congregants knew that I was dead against the "iftaar party" and the fact that our two muezzins spent all their time between maghrib and esha slaaah cleaning the mess, without themselves having a break or having enough time for supper.


When I got on to the committee I put a stop to the muezzins cleaning up after the "iftaar party". The brother/s who then used to bring tea, juice and all the other so-called goodies had to employ their own cleaner, only after I gave permission that they could continue serving the extras, which in all honesty is unnecessary.


One jamaat brother was so very incensed by my decision that he accused me of "destroying the atmosphere of iftaar" and that the muezzins were "glorified cleaners". The audacity. Let me leave it there. I stood up for the voiceless and abused, let it be known.


People, we do not need pizzas, and all those fancy stuff for iftaar at the mosque. You can eat all that goodies at home and have tea at home too. Break you fast with dates and water, maybe a samoosa or two. Keep it simple and do it the way that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) did it.


The Muezzins are not our cleaners.




I would like every other Islamic brother who feels the same way to kindly share my post, or simple re-pose the hastag explaining briefly why.

(End of letter)


When an act in conflict with the Sunnah is introduced, then the consequences are always evil and filth. What is happening in most Musaajid during Ramadhaan at the time of Igtaar, is not IFTAAR. It is satanic gluttony enacted in the guise of ‘iftaar’.  Every step in this haraam party is in conflict with the Sunnah. 

The latitude of one or two samoosas as suggested by the brother is improper. Even this is in conflict with the Sunnah. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) never made iftaar with samoosas or anything resembling it. On the contrary, it is explicitly stated in the Hadith:

“Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) loved making iftaar with three dates or some water or something which the fire did not touch (i.e. uncooked.”

But people nowadays behave like dogs at the time of iftaar. They lack simple Imaani decency. The filth in their hearts is seen on the dastarkhaan in the manner they commit their gluttony and in the mess they leave. 

It is not permissible to spread dastarkhaans in the Musjid for Iftaar. Creating a mess and filth in the Musjid is haraam. The trustees should ban these haraam parties in the Musaajid which are being allowed under guise of ‘iftaar’. Everyone should make iftaar with a couple of dates sitting in his place in the Musjid. No special arrangement for mass feasting should be made. As long as the Sunnah method is not implemented, the haraam partying and gluttonous feasting with the waste, mess and filth will continue.

8 Ramadhaan 1439 - 24 May 2018


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