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Unable to restrain its pro-shiah inclination and sympathy, the conglomerate of Mudhilleen, viz, the MJC, issued a scurrilous statement in condemnation of the Ulama-e-Haqq of Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape (JUWC).

JUWC had correctly issued a statement condemning the pro-shiah Jam-eyyatul Qurrā (JEQ) for having revealed its shiah colours by joining to Shiah-inspired baatil” Cape Accord” which is a shaitaani snare to undermine Islam.

By joining the “Cape Accord” JEQ had conspicuously confirmed its Shiah status or its heartfelt sympathy for those who blasphemously revile the Sahaabah. Criticizing JEQ for its flagrantly haram dalliance with the votaries of Shi’ism is the waajib obligation for the Ulama-e-Haqq.The MJC is hemorrhaging in its brain and heart over the clear-cut, strident proclamation of the Haqq by Cape Town’s Ulama -e-Haqq. This is the first time that the MJC has experienced the Haqq from some of the Ulama of Cape Town. This stance of the Haqq by the the JUWC is intolerable to the MJC juhala. They suffer from the bloated diseases of arrogance and a misconceived idea of their phantom “Leadership” and “authority” despite lacking in both these credentials.

The Jahil MJC in its abortive defence of JEQ mentioned its founders who are underground. Regardless of its founders have been true Muslims and regardless of the number of huffaz this institution may have produced, and regardless of its past Deeni exploits, the JUWC has not condemned JEQ for any past valid Islamic activities and accomplishments. It is the current stance of the JEQ which is the target for JUWC’s rightful condemnation.The JEQ today, not its founders have joined the ranks of the pro-Shiah, “Cape Accord” Munafiqeen. These are the Mujrimeen (criminals) who have been targeted for valid Shar’i castigation. A Murtad is condemned for his current irtidaad, not for the accomplishments which he had achieved and displayed while he was a Muslim. A Murtad is not insulated and saved from his consequences of irtidaad by virtue of his Deeni acts rendered before his irtidaad.Similarly, JEQ’s Juhala and Shiah-sympathizers are condemned for their current villainy, not for any acts of virtue which the founders of this institution had practised and accomplished years ago. In its stupid attempt to justify JEQ’s joining the Shiah “Accord”, the MJC stupidly presents the following red herring in a bid to hoodwink the unwary:“The founding fathers of this esteemed institution, Shakh Yusuf Booley and Shakh Moosa Goder and others (May Allah have mercy on them all) dedicated their lives and work to the service of Allah Almighty. Many world-renowned and highly respected Huffāz and Qurrā have graduated from this institution since its inception in 1973.”JUWC had not criticized or condemned the ‘founding fathers”. The Ulama have condemned the present Shiah “accorders” who had betrayed the “founding fathers” by striking up and alliance with the Munafiq Modernist, Sahabaah-haters of the haram Shiah-inspired “Cape Accord”.The MJC’s claim the current personnel of JEQ are adherents of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah doctrine, is a canard designed to confuse and mislead. It is unthinkable for true Muslims to be in bed with those who are actively supporting Shiahs and condemning Muslims solely for not supporting Shiahs.The MJC’s puerile threat of “legal recource” is the bark of a toothless mongrel. The only accomplishment the MJC has to its name is the halaalization of haram carrion, from the Islamic perspective, the MJC has no utility for the Muslim community.  


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