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Tariq Jameel Deception

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Thus have we appointed for every Nabi enemies who are human devils and Jinn devils who mutually whisper to one another Zukhrufal Qawl for Deception. If Allah had willed, they would not have been able to do so, therefore leave them and the (Fraud) they fabricate.”

There are two salient factors in this Aayat:

1) The Haqq will always have enemies who will be Shayaateenul Ins (Human Devils) and Shayaatenul Jinn (Jinn Devils). All the Ambiya (Alayhimus Salaam) had to contend with these sinister devilish forces.

2) Zukhruful Qawl (Satanically adorned, deceptive eloquence and oratory) is designed to beguile, deceive and mislead the unwary, the ignorant and those suffering from the malady of incorrigible Kufr.One such Shaitaanul Ins who is aptly described ‘the Small Dajjaal’, is the miserable Shiah character, Tariq Jamil.

Insha-Allah, in a series of articles, we shall scrutinize, lay bare and expose the deceptions of his Zukhruful Qawl. One such forgery is his deception couched in flowery language as follows:
“Whoever regards himself a reciter of the Kalima embrace him for that. Don’t fall into investigation and fault finding of his beliefs – Allah is very Merciful – in the ocean of Allah’s Mercy what are our sins and differences – we don’t know which act of goodness can take a person to Jannah”.


Mere recitation of the Kalimah by confirmed Kuffaar without affirmation and acknowledgement of the truths of the demands of the Kalimah, is never adequate for the validity of Imaan.
Mere verbal profession of the Kalimah without believing in the Aqaa-id (Beliefs) which are the necessary corollaries of the Kalimah, does not bestow the Treasure of Imaan to the reciter. Precisely for this reason, does Allah Ta’ala reject the verbal profession of the Kalimah of those who did not acknowledge in their hearts the veracity and truth of the demands of the Kalimah. In this regard the Qur’aan states:

"The Bedouins said: ‘Aamanna’ (We have Imaan). Say: ‘You have not accepted Imaan’, but say: 'Aslamna’ (We have ostensibly submitted). Hitherto, Imaan has not penetrated into your hearts”. 
(Hujuraat, Āyat 14)

Qadianis recite the Kalimah, but deny the finality of Rasulullah’s Risaalat (Prophethood/Messengership). Along with denying the termination of Nubuwwat, they do recite the same Kalimah of the Muslimeen.

While there is consensus of the Ummah on the Kufr of the Qadianis-that they are Kuffaar-the Small Dajjaal says that they are Muslims.

Simply on the basis of their mere verbal profession of Kalimah. Thus Tariq Jamil confirms his own Kufr by trading the idea of the Qadiani Kuffaar being Muslims.

A man reciting the Kalimah, believes that Allah Azza Wa Jal, commits errors. The Small Dajjaal says that this man is a Muslim regardless of his notoriously villainous belief of Kufr simply because he recites the Kalimah.

Another professed ‘Muslim’ who recites the Kalimah believes and says that the Hindu Mushrik worshippers of idols and the Christian believers in trinity (three-god concept) will be Muslims if they recite Kalimah regardless of their repugnant, flagrant and brazen beliefs of Kufr and Shirk. The Small Dajjaal avers that their beliefs should not be investigated as long as they recite the Kalimah.

The very same logic applies to Shiahs who subscribe to a host of horrendously Kufr beliefs and abominable practices which violently militate against the fundamentals of Islam. According to the Small Dajjaal all such palpable Kufr conspicuously and explicitly declared in the Shiah books of religion by their own clerical authorities, should be tolerated and not be a basis for the takfeer of the Shiah Kuffaar. Tariq Jamil by subscribing to his Kufr theory which overrides the Qur’aan and Sunnah concept of Imaan has merely compounded his own Kufr.

His advice regarding ‘investigation’ i.e. to refrain from investigating the beliefs of anyone who recites the Kalimah, is a perfect example of Zukhrufal Qawl. His statement is deceptively adorned with Shaitaaniyat.

If an unknown person offers Salaam, we regard him as a Muslim even if he does not recite the Kalimah whilst making Salaam, and even if we are unaware of his beliefs. Merely on the basis of his offering ‘Salaam’ (saying ‘Assalamu Alaikum’). We accept him as being a Muslim, and the issue of investigating his beliefs does not occur, and in fact, is furthest from the mind.

However, if this man after offering Salaam, denies the Islamic beliefs pertaining to Nabi Isaa (Alayhis Salam) or he denies the finality of Nubuwwat, or any other fundamental of Imaan, or we see him worshipping idols in a Hindu mandhir or he wears a cross around his neck, then the need to investigate his beliefs is imperative to establish if he is a Muslim or a Kaafir. Allah Ta’ala declares in the Qur’aan:

"It is He who has created you. From you are kaafir and from you are Mu’min” (Taghabun Aayat 2)

These two classes of mankind cannot be wished away and swept under the carpet by the satanic interpretation of the likes of Small Dajjaal.

As far as the Shiahs, Qadianis and other sects of Kufr are concerned, their Kufr was not confirmed to Muslims by way of investigation. These Kuffaar have of their own accord published, promoted and vociferously, overtly and covertly advertised their beliefs and practices of Kufr. Their theological literature explicitly confirms their Kufr.

The Shiah clerics (Aayatullahs) propagate and proclaim their beliefs. Thus, their Kufr has been confirmed by their own publication and advertisement, not by Muslims engaging in unnecessary investigation. But, when the Shiahs realized the damage they were causing to their own religion of baatil with their publications, they employed their incorrigibly evil doctrine of Taqiyah to conceal their true beliefs of Kufr.

This vile doctrine allows them to ‘deny’ and ‘denounce’ even their own clerical authorities in order to dupe Muslims.

With Shiahs, we are confronted by self-professed Kuffaar who are unable to conceal the glaring Kufr which drips from them despite their desperate Taqiyah plots and endeavous.The Small Dajjaal's averment of Allah’s mercy is another example of Zukhruful Qawl. Whilst Allah Ta’ala is undoubtedly most Merciful, He mentions an innumerable number of times of His punishment, of the everlasting punishment of the Fire of Jahannum and of His curse and Wrath for the Kuffaar and Mushrikeen.Allah Ta’ala further declares with emphasis that there will be no forgiveness for the Kuffaar and Mushrikeen- Those who had died in the state of Kufr and shirk. They will be deprived of His mercy.

Tariq’s mention of Allah’s mercy is a red herring designed to entrap Muslims into acceptance of Kufr and Shirk. When Allah Ta’ala Himself explicitly states in the Qur’aan that His Mercy is not for the Mushrikeen, then it should be quite obvious that the Small Dajjaal is propagating Kufr by denying Allah’s categorical declaration thereby predicating Divine Mercy for Kuffaar and Mushrikeen who are the most treacherous treasonists in the sight of Allah Azza Wa Jal.

The Small Dajjaal’s contention:

“We don’t know which act of goodness can take a person to Jannat.”

This is also a typical example of Zukhruful Qawl. Jannat is the abode exclusively for the Mu’mineen. The Qur’aan explicit states:

“The inmates of the Fire will call to the inmates of Jannat: ”Pass to us some water or from the provisions that Allah has provided you”. They (inmates of Jannat) will say:

"Verily, Allah has made haraam these (bounties) for the Kaafireen”. They (the Kuffaar) had taken their deen as play and amusement, and the life of this world had deceived them. Therefore, on this DAY we shall forget them as they had forgotten their meeting of this DAY”. (A’rāf, Ayaats 50 and 51)

Good deeds are accepted by Allah Ta’ala only on the basis of valid Imaan. Minus Imaan, good deeds are like mirages.
Furthermore, as far as the Shariah is concerned in this world, people and deeds are scaled on the standard of Allah’s law (the Qur’aan and Sunnah). What Allah Ta’ala will do to people in the Aakhira is beyond our comprehension.All mankind is Allah’s creation. All people are His creatures. He will do with His creation as He wills, and no one can question His prerogative power and authority. Our concern is not what will happen to Kuffaar in the Aakhirah. Our concern is to uphold and proclaim the Haqq of the Divine Shariah which explicitly declares that the Kuffaar are destined and doomed for everlasting perdition in Jahannam.


15 Shawwaal 1439 (29 June 2018)

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