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An unfortunate, miserable Shaitaani entity, AMFA, is organizing a so-called ‘qurbani fair’ in Camperdown. It has dubbed its haraam, Shaitāni merrymaking carnival an ‘agricultural qurbani fair’.

The vile activities of fisq, fujoor and kufr which will bedevil this Shaitāni fair, verily loudly testifies that the organizers of this event of fisq and fujoor are devoid of the haziest idea of what Qur’baani is. Only munāfiqeen and Zanaadaqah possess the satanic audacity to dub a Shaitāni merrymaking carnival of fisq and fujoor to be a Qur’baani event. The very term ‘fair’ with which these luckless souls have predicated their haraam carnival speaks volumes for their colossal jahaalat regarding the Qur’baani Ibaadat which was an act of such supreme sacrifice by Hadhrat Ibraaheem (Alayhis Salaam) that rent the ‘hearts’ of the Malaaikah, the heavens and of all beings upon whom Allah Azza Wa Jal had revealed that moment of sacrifice (Qur’baani).

It was an event of a father driving the knife over the throat of his Son by the command of Allah Azza Wa Jal. It was not a fun fair. It was not an event where fisq, fujoor and zina predominated. It was a sacrifice of love and obedience which was divinely established as an institution to remember the noble sacrifice of Hadrat Ibraaheem (Alayhis Salaam). It was not a money-making shaitaani carnival of fisq and fujoor. It was Ibaadat of the highest degree which unfolded in a desolate desert where the invisible spectators were the Malaaikah and the Seven Heavens, all looking on with awe, shock and shedding ‘Tears’ in their own ways.

But what are we seeing being perpetrated at this Satanism of the AMFA haraam carnival of fisq and fujoor? The shaitaani list of evil is revolting and abhorrent to all those who still have the good fortune of sound Imaan.

Eid Shopping , Pop up Food Fair, Fun Fair, Petting Zoo, Milking cow sessions ,Pony rides, horse rides , Abaya & Kurtha , Henna Art, A great family outing , QURBANI demos  & Presentation , Archery, Paintball shooting, Informative Demos, Laser tags , Dog show, Defence demos, So many activities  to keep the whole FAMILY  entertained....

Come and tantalise your taste buds with the various foodstall and relax with retail therapy , Prawn Star, PO boys, Wats4Dinner, Funkee donuts , Latteria gelato ice-cream, Manjras , Saajidah islamic , Marhabah designs , LaArtArabe, suikerbekie, Turkiye clothing, Fazzykids, Aniique Hijaab, Bahiyah Coutures, Make up , Chip n Dip, Qubani Accessories, Sugar Cane Juice, Ajmaan, House of towels , Amlas Wagyu, Squirrels Nuts, scream for more, Ganys Caterers, Randeree s Braai, Wicked Waffles/Grill , Galluxy Chicken, Humairas Baking, Rumis Fragrance ,Toys4you, Indo Western clothin, Loads n loads more for the whole family......


Every item in this evil list is a haraam activity inspired by shaytaan to the fussaq and fujjaar organizers for ensnaring stupid Muslims of defective Imaan or no Imaan into the cauldron of shaitaaniyat.

This degree of kufr of these agents of Iblees is appalling horrible. Just imagine having a dog show at an event supposedly or organized for Qur’baani. According to Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam), the Angels flee from dogs, and shaitaan is their companion. According to the Hanafi Math-hab the saliva and perspiration of a dog are najis (filthy/diseased). According to Imaam Shaafi (Rahmatullah alayh) the dog, like a pig, is Najasul Ain. Every practice in the body of a dog is najis. But, here we have professed Muslims, who take pride with a dog show at what they satanically term ‘Qur’baani fair’.

The gathering of males and females is the Zina recipe.  The family entertainment is a haraam potion of zina, fisq, fujoor, laghwu and la’ib – all of these evils are explicitly proscribed by the Qur’aan and Ahaadith. The blatancy with which all these Kabaa-ir (major acts of sin) are organized, promoted and committed is flagrant KUFR which destroys the Imaan of the organizers of this abominable shaitaani carnival and of all those who participate in the evils which they believe to be halaal.

Only those whose life in the Aakhirat is doomed – doomed and destined for Jahannam are able to muster the blatancy and utter shamelessness to participate in a carnival in which there is not the slightest doubt of shataaniyat from beginning to ending of the Mal’oon and Maghdoob event.

It is HARAAM to support this so-called Muslim Farmers who are organizing this massive shaitaani carnival. These people are not Muslims. They are Munaafiqeen masquerading as Muslims.

May the la’nat of Allah Ta’ala overtake them if Allah Ta’ala has not ordained Hidaayat for them.

27 Shawwal 1439 (11 July 2018)

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