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“Verily, Allah forbids from evil and immorality.” (Qur’aan)

“Do not follow in the footsteps of shaitaan, for verily he is your open (declared and avowed) enemy. Verily, he commands you with only immorality and evil and that you fabricate about Allah what you know not.” (Qur’ān)

A satanic cartel of prostitutes is organizing a zina event, supported by Channel Shaitaan, dubbed satanically, “The Pink High Tea.” The programme is bedevilled with so much brazen fisq and fujoor which makes the provision of Qur’ānic and Hadith proofs superfluous. Every ignorant Muslim is able to understand the zina, fisq and fujoor of this event of the pink prostitutes. Only those whose Imaan has been effaced, are unable to understand this obvious, glaring Truth.


Every day a new Shaitaani fitnah is bred by the devil.  This Pink Prostitute fitnah is in preparation of the stage for the perpetration of fornication in the streets in full view of the public as predicted by our Nabi (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam). Therefore, the universal rising tide of fisq and fujoor in the Ummah whilst lamentable, is not at all surprising.


The chimera of the zina funds going for the Syrian refugees is what is termed Talbeesul Iblees (the Deception of the Devil). To soothe their incorrigible corrupt conscience, the cartel of prostitutes and Channel Shaitaan, are justifying their Satanism with the Syrian refugee gimmick. Such haram funds are not fit for purchasing food for even dogs and pigs.

The La’nat of Allah Ta’ala and his Malaaikhah will engulf this event of prostitution.

6 Zul-Qa’dh 1439 – 20 July 2018


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