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“What! Are the people of the towns confident that Our punishment will not overtake them during the night whilst they are asleep (in Bahamas in the holiday resort of shaitaan)?

What! Are the people of the towns confident that Our punishment will not overtake them during the day whilst they are amusing themselves (at the evil resort in Bahamas for 6 days and 5 nights)?

Only people who will be losers are confident of Allah’s Plan (of punishment not overtaking them).”



A shaitaani holiday dubbed ‘BAHAMAS VACATION’ graced by some agents of Iblees parading in the guise of ‘ulama’, is being planned for January 2019. Impregnated with fisq and fujoor, this evil vacation is also a satanic excursion of kufr.

The evil organizers and the evil molvis and sheikhs - shayaateenul ins - are guilty of making a mockery of the Deen by conveying this deplorably evil idea of this shaitaani vacation being a Deeni event. The juxtaposition of “Salah” with the fisq and fujoor of “Sand and Smiles” is decidedly kufr.

All steps to accomplish the vile objectives of this vile event of Satanism, are haraam and mal’oon from the very first step when emerging from home to the last step when returning home. The entire journey and all participants will be under Divine Curse (La’nat) and Divine Ghadhab (Wrath). Every movement and every breath will be cursed.

When a Mu’min walks from his home to the Musjid, he is rewarded for every step towards the Musjid. A sin is forgiven for each step, and each step he gains Divine Proximity. The exact opposite is the consequence of attending a satanic, haraam and accursed event such as the shaitaani ‘Bahamas Vacation’, the consequence of which will be a vacation in the Blazing Fire of Jahannam.


“The life of this world is but play and amusement while the Abode of the Aakhirah is best for those who fear (Allah). What! (O you morons!) Have you no sense.” (QUR’AAN)

9 Zul Qa’dh 1439 – 23 July 2018

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