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A concerned brother reports:

Asalam O Alaikum Brothers - A Muslim Brother working in Woolworths Bakery has confirmed that they use lard (pig fat) to grease their baking utensils (to avoid sticking). I have checked with a few others in bakery business and use of lard is very, very common as it is comparatively cheaper than the butter. This is the reason they don’t mention “suitable for Vegetarians” on their Woolworths bakery products. They are not obliged to mention in ingredients list because this is not part of the consumables as per industry standards.   I am sharing just for the sake of Allah SWT and after investigation within my capacity for the benefit of our community. You can check it yourselves and make a decision. May Allah save all of us from Haram.

(End of the Brother’s Report)



This appears to be a malicious rumour posted anonymously, lacking in credence and facts. It does not give details of where, when and whom?

Furthermore, it omits details such as bakery products produced on behalf of Woolworths elsewhere.

SANHA’s position on Woolworths bakery products is that the Woolworths pre-packed plain rolls and breads are Halaal suitable. Selected Woolworths baking products are manufactured at SANHA certified facilities and will bear the SANHA logo. Kindly look for the SANHA logo on product packaging. Regrettably, we do not have information on other products not bearing our logo.

(End of the Carrion Outfit’s baseless defence)


Without instituting any investigation, the haraam SANHA maitah (carrion) certifier and halaalizer summarily dismisses the report of the concerned brother. This is SANHA’S standard reflex action to protect its haraam monetary interests.


It is significant that SANHA has been unable to issue a categorical refutation of the claim. Instead, SANHA says:

“This appears to be a malicious rumour.”


The anonymous posting does not detract from the veracity of the claim. The Brother has invoked the Name of Allah Ta’ala in his WARNING for Muslims.


The omission of details stated by SANHA in its abortive defence, merely illustrates the puerility and stupidity of the Carrion Certifier. Such stupid ‘omission’ does not debunk the claim of the Brother.


SANHA ‘certified facilities’ are rubbish haraam facilities. It is not permissible for Muslims to repose any reliance or to accord any Shar’i credibility to these shaitaani facilities which ruin the Imaan of those who devour their maitah products.


The SANHA logo is Islamically speaking, GHUTHA - TRASH. Not the slightest vestige of credibility may be assigned to it. It appears that the Imaan of these characters who halaalize the meat and chicken products of kuffaar has taken flight.

Guilty of self-immolation at the carrion alter SANHA says:

“Regrettably, we do not have information on other products not bearing our logo.”


Shame and disgrace on these professed ‘Muslims’ of the Jeefah (Carrion) Cartel! SANHA issues confounded haraam ‘halaal’ certificates to kuffaar entities which stock and trade in haraam meats and even pork on a wholesale basis. On the very same premises where all of this haram carrion is sold, SANHA’S trash logo appears alongside the RIJS (filth). To dilute the effect of this haraam notoriety, SANHA sheepishly dissociates with its ‘regret’ regarding the ‘other’ flagrantly haraam products stocked by the stores halaalized by this miserable carrion halaalizer and Imaan Destroyer.


Why does SANHA not have information of a store which it has certified? SANHA is fully aware of the VARK and other haraam meats of the places it certifies.


SANHA’S very feigning of ignorance damns it for its haraam fabrications for halaalizing MAITAH.


The addiction to haraam meat and chicken consumption has completely deranged the intelligence of Muslims and has utterly destroyed all natural Imaani inhibitions to carrion and immorality. Devouring carrion incites carnal lust which leads to immorality – fisq and fujoor. This has in fact become the deplorable moral state of the Muslim community.


It is of vital importance to abandon the haraam addiction which SANHA and the other miserable affiliates of the CARRION CARTEL of Shaytaan have created and embedded in the Muslim community. Without curing themselves of this disease of devouring the halaalized carrion, Muslims will not be able to perform genuine deeds of righteousness (A’maal-e-Saalihah). Virtue is fundamentally pivoted on halaal food, hence Allah Ta’ala, in the Qur’ān Majeed, commands His Messengers:

“O Rusul (Messengers)! Eat Tayyibaat (Halaal and wholesome food) and practise virtuous deeds.”

9 Zul Qa’dh 1439 – 23 July 2018


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