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It is of vital importance for the preservation of Imaan and the development of Islamic moral character for Muslims to ensure that they abstain from consuming the meat and chicken products of kuffaaar establishments certified and halaalized by the Maitah (carrion) outfit, NIHT.  While this Naseehat concerns NIHT, it is not restricted to this miserable member of the Maitah cartel of Shayaateen. It is likewise applicable to SANHA, MJC and the whole Shayaatini cartel of carrion certifiers. However, this naseehat and castigation is in particular directed to NIHT in view of a recent carrion development.

Although NIHT has made a desperate bid to extricate itself from its haraam Maitah mess, and to exonerate itself from the charge of feeding Muslims haraam which of course, is an axiomatic truth arising from the certification of kuffaar carrion, it only sinks in deeper into the quagmire of haraam Maitah which it’s monetary lusts have created.

It is of vital importance for Muslims to understand that the “supervision” alleged by NIHT to be in place, is a massive, dastardly Shaitaani canard. It is a myth which even a carrion-devouring Muslim can quite easily ascertain if he so desires. It is a dishonest claim which the Shariah rejects with scorn and contempt.

“Supervision” is a monstrous dark lie. It is a blatant falsity designed to deceive and mislead ignorant Muslims who are either too stupid or whose Imaan has been sufficiently desensitized to offer no inhibition to carrion consumption.

The very first haraam factor in this carrion – certifying satanic saga is that the entities halaalized by NIHT and all other agents of Iblees, are kuffaar.

The Sscond haraam factor is that the so called “supervision” is an inspired myth.


The third massive haraam factor is that all – without exception – meat and chicken produced and killed commercially are haraam. An avalanche of evidence has been compiled to substantiate this claim. The meat and chickens are haraam at the very source – at the killing facilities.


The incident of haraam shenanigans being reported by members of the public is a perennial development. The perenniallity is a logic and natural consequence of Maitah sold as ‘halaal’ on the basis of shaitaan’s certificates. The stench of rotten carrion cannot be concealed. It is this terrible stink which has bestowed the attribute of perennial revelation to the haraam carrion. Regardless of their efforts to suppress and conceal, carrion advertises its horrible stink with a rebellion which the Carrion Cartel hopelessly fails to suppress. These embarrassing revelations and exposure will perpetually plague NIHT, Shaitaan and Co.


In its desperation to maintain credibility, NIHT has ludicrously clung to a Qur’aanic Aayat and a Hadith for convincing morons regarding the carrion it halaalizers.


The employment of Qur’ān and Hadith to bolster maitah halaalization for the sole objective of gratifying monetary lust is akin to kufr. NIHT has made a mockery of the Qur’ān and Hadith to present these Nusoos in the context of its carrion trade. In fact, it is not permissible for even traders selling copies of the Qur’ān Majeed to bolster and protect their monetary objectives with Qur’aanic verses and Hadith narrations. The utilization of Qur’aan and Hadith displays the desperation of NIHT’s bid to protect the boodle flow into its haraam coffers – boodle acquired from the halaalization of maitah.


Maitah halaalization is a conspiracy of Shaitaan for ruining the Akhlaaq and Imaan of the community. Warning the Ummah against this plot of the devil which all of these villains of the carrion cartel are actively and practically implementing, the Qur’ān Majeed says:

“O people! Eat from the earth what is halaal and tayyib, and do not follow in the footsteps of shaitaan. Verily, he is for you an open enemy. He only instructs you with fahshā (immorality) and soo’ (evil), and that you fabricate about Allah what you know not.”


In citing the Qurān and Hadith, the NIHT maitah halaalizer has “fabricated on Allah” such villainy, the notoriety of which it is too ignorant to comprehend.


NIHT will be hauled in disgrace on its face on the Day of Qiyaamah to stand trial, be convicted and sentenced to Jahannam for having corrupted the Imaan and ruined the Akhlaaq of Muslims by inducing them to consume haraam meat and chicken with its evil certification of carrion.

“Lost is he in this world and in the Aakhirah. Indeed, it is a manifest loss.” –(Qur’ān)


In a statement issued by NIHT in which it sought to defend its carrion –halaal status which was severely assaulted and damaged by a supposedly ‘hoax’ letter, NIHT averred that the e-mail was circulated “with the intention of creating doubt in the Halaal certification process at Nando’s (S.A).”

Whether the circulated information was a hoax or false is not the issue. Muslims should not dwell in deception and confusion. In terms of the Shariah, NIHT’s certification is not merely ‘doubtful’. It is blatantly Haraam, hence All Nando’s outlets are haraam. The hurmat of these outlets is not reliant on the shenanigans mentioned in the letter to which NIHT refers. The entire satanic business of NIHT is haraam. Its certification process is haraam. The outlets it certifies are haraam. This ruling of the Shariah is not dependent on the information provided in the e-mail which NIHT has abortively tried to negate.

In the alleged clarification by the alleged author of the alleged ‘hoax’ the character, after denying the authorship of the e-mail, adds:

“Please forgive me if I have made a mistake/offended anyone.” This request for ‘forgiveness’ is peculiar to say the least. If the chap denies having written and circulated the letter, then for what is he apologizing?

In fact, it appears that this ‘clarification’ and apology and seeking forgiveness, are bogus and hoaxes whilst the initial email is the factual truth.

Understand well:


10 Zul Qa’dh 1439 – 24 July 2018


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