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MJC Pork Scandal

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An irate Sister from Cape Town complaining about MJC ‘halaal’ PORK (VARK), writes:

So Food lovers in Access Park  is stating in their weekly brochure that their  Access Park store does not stock or sell Pork Products..and that they are Strictly Halaal. LIES.. all lies.. To my disgust I saw that they indeed stock and sell pork meat at their cheese counter. When I called the manager of the store and asked him why they making themselves guilty of Misleading advertising.. He told me there is nothing he can do because it comes from headoffice and that their butcher is halaal and he also told me that they never said that the store is strictly Halaal.. I Pointed out the brochure to him and he didn't know what to say.. That was on Wednesday.. Today Saturday 28/07/2018 those brochures are still in the store and so is the pork meat. I also mentioned to the manager that so many Muslims shop at the Access Park store with the thought that the store is fully halaal. If they can lie about something so significant then how can we even believe that their butcher is even halaal. Personally I will not ever buy meat from the Access Park store ever again. I will be contacting the Their Head office and The MJC with my complaint. PLEASE SHARE to make more Muslim people who shop at the store aware.  Shukran                    (End of the Sister’s letter)

What the Sister has reported is standard procedure with the shaitaani MJC carrion-halaalizing outfit. Haraam meat and chicken products sold as ‘halaal’, and even ‘halaal’ pork bearing the logos of the Ibleesi carrion cartel members such as MJC, SANHA, NIHT, etc., are no longer newsworthy items. This is becoming a norm.

The worst culprits in this haraam saga in which the Imaan of Muslims is pillaged and plundered are the consumers – the people who profess to be Muslim, but devour the meat products sold by kuffaar outlets on the sole basis of a stupid, deceptive ‘halaal’ label issued by scoundrels whose only objective in life is to make money regardless of the damage and destruction caused to the Akhlaaq and Imaan of Muslims. As far as these carrion outfits are concerned, Imaan no longer has any meaning for them. The haraam boodle is exercising a drunken effect on them. While these agents of Iblees are operating one of the vilest kinds of business enterprises, the consumers themselves are the villains who sustains these thugs in their haraam business of halaalizing carrion and pork.

17 Zil Qa’dh 1439 – 31 July 2018


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