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Recently I had to perform my Fajr Salaat in Musjid Mansoor, Calendula Drive, Malabar. I was surprised and annoyed at the action of the Hanafi Imaam during the Fardh Salaat. In the second raka’t after Ruku’, he made a lengthy pause in which I silently recited 7 times Subhaana Rabbiyal A’laa. On enquiring, I learnt that the pause was intentional to accommodate some Shaafi muqtadis to enable them to recite Qunoot as required by the Shaafi’ Math-hab. Is it permissible for the Hanafi Imaam to make such an inordinate delay to accommodate the Shaafis? What should the Shaafis do if the Imaam is a Hanafi? Due to the lengthy delay, is the Imaam not supposed to make Sajdah Sahw?


The Imaam appears to be ignorant of the masaa-il. It is essential for an Imaam to educate himself with the masaa-il before leading the Salaat. It is not permissible for the Hanafi Imaan to indulge in such an inordinate delay to accommodate the Shaafi muqtadis. Accommodating the followers of another Math-hab is permissible only in such masaa-il which do not result in a conflict with one’s own Math-hab on issues pertaining to Fardh and Waajib. The same applies if the Imaam is a Shaafi’ and the followers Hanafi. The Shaafi’ Imaam too may not accommodate Hanafi muqtadis in issues which are not valid and permissible in his Math-hab. 

In the case mentioned by you, the Hanafi Imaam is in grave error. He despoils the Salaat of the Hanafi muqtadis. The inordinate delay/pause in Qaumah is not permissible. Sajdah Sahw in this case is not valid and will not rectify the Imaam’s blunder because it is intentional, and not an error/mistake. Where a serious error requiring Sajdah Sahw if by mistake is committed, then the Salaat has to be repeated if such an act is committed intentionally. 

As for the Shaafi muqtadis behind a Hanafi Imaam, they should recite the shortest Qunoot and link up with the Imaam in Sajdah. Even if they link up with the Imaam in the Jalsah (sitting between the two Sajdah), their Salaat will be valid. The Shaafi Math-hab allows for a Takhalluf (delay) of this duration. Furthermore, they should recite a short Qunoot when behind a Hanafi Imaam. The shortest valid Qunoot is, for example: Allaahummar hamni Yaa Raheemo. Thus, there is no reason for the Hanafi Imaam to contradict his Math-hab and despoil his Salaat and the Salaat of the Hanafi Muqtadis. 

If the Hanafi Imaam refuses to adhere to the Hanafi Math-hab on this issue and intransigently persists in despoiling the Salaat with the unlawful inordinate delay, then the Hanafis should perform their Fajr Salaat in another Musjid. There are several Musaajid in Malabar, which are easily accessible.

1 Muharram 1440 (11 September 2018)


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