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These two pictures are of a MUSJID in Allahabad, Hindu India, in the process of being demolished yesterday (11 October 2018) despite a Court order prohibiting the demolition. The entire Hindu Mushrik media have reacted with deafening silence at this act of sacrilege.

Destruction, demolition, forceful possession, conversion of Musjids into stables for animals and sacrilege of thousands of Musaajid in Hindu India since it gained independence from Britain have been the norm. Therefore, there is really no surprise in yesterday’s sacrilegious demolition of the Allahabad Musjid in defiance of a Court order.

The purpose of our naseehat in this article is not to rant against the Hindu worshippers of Shaitaan whose brains and souls have been corrupted and ruined at the altar of shirk and idolatry in which millions of animals, stone idols, trees, etc., etc. are worshipped as their deities. The objective of our naseehat is to educate Muslims to understand that the actual cause for the sacrilegious destruction of this Musjid, the Barbari Musjid and of the thousands of other Musaajid all over India, is the Muslim Ummah.

Muslims themselves first destroy the Musaajid spiritually. This spiritual destruction and sacrilege are followed by physical destruction and sacrilege at the hands of the impure kuffaar whom Allah Ta’ala despatches to punish Muslims for their gross and flagrant fisq, fujoor, bid’ah and even kufr.  Kuffaar who wallow in spiritual filth, Shirk, and physical filth, janaabat, are sent and allowed by Allah Ta’ala to humiliate and punish Muslims for their treachery against the Deen.

All over the world, only a small minority of Muslims attends the Musaajid for the daily Five Fardh Salaat. Worldly activities – work, business, professions and even sport – are accorded priority and preference over and above the Fardh Salaat. People living around the Musjid spiritually pillage and plunder the Musjid with their absence from Salaat and with their haraam functions in the Musjid and its environs. Musjid halls are utilized for fisq and fujoor wedding and other functions. Kuffaar wallowing in janaabat and shirk are allowed to pollute the Musaajid. They are allowed inside the Musaajid for sight-seeing and even political meetings and campaigning. Men and women perpetually in the state of janaabat, and women with much of their satr exposed enter and pollute the Musaajid at the behest and with the permission of trustees and the kuffaar bootlicking ulama-e-soo’.

When the very Maqsad (Objective) for which the Musaajid have been instituted and constructed is violated, neglected and abandoned, then the Musaajid invoke the La’nat (Curse) of Allah Azza Wa Jal on the Muslim inhabitants. The Musjid supplicates for the destruction of the Muslim community which has destroyed it with haraam abandonment and acts of sacrilege. This Curse is readily accepted by Allah Ta’ala, and the consequence is the hand-over of the Musjid to the kuffaar for defilement and demolition.

What is portrayed in the two pictures above, is the physical burial of a ‘corpse’. When Muslims spiritually defile the Musjid, they kill its ROOH (Soul). What is done with a lifeless body – with a corpse? Obviously it is buried underground. Once Muslims kill the Rooh of the Musjid, it remains a lifeless physical body which has to be buried like all corpses. Thus, what you are seeing in the two pictures above, is the physical corpse of the Musjid entity which Muslims have murdered. There is therefore, no need to rant and vilify the najis cow and idol-worshippers for carrying out the act of the physical burial.

“And if Allah withholds aid from you, then who else is there besides Him to aid you?” (Qur’aan)

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3 Safar 1440 (13 October 2018)


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