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Abusing The Amaanat Of Ilm-E-Deen

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Abusing The Amaanat Of Ilm-E-Deen


Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (Rahmatullah alayh) had the following advice for the managements of the Madaaris: 

“The Madaaris should understand that it is not necessary to teach the full course (i.e. the Dars-e-Nizaami – Aalim-Faadhil course) to every student. This should be taught selectively to only such students who have a natural compatibility, ability and affinity (with Ilm), and in whom there is Fahm-e-Saleem (sound intelligence). 

Those students who lack in these qualities should be taught only the necessary masaa-il (for daily life). After teaching them the Dhuroori masaa-il, they should be advised to branch out into the world to earn. 

Every person is not endowed with the ability to become a Muqtada (a leader/guide in the Muslim community). Some (in fact most) are totally unfit.  To impart the full course of Ilm to them (and granting them Molvi certificates) is like handing a sword to a dacoit. It is khiyaanat (abuse of Trust). 

Nowadays the Mudarriseen and Muhtamimeen (Ustaadhs and Principals) are totally oblivious of this concern. They do not scrutinize the students to determine who among them are qualified for pursuing this Ilm (at the higher level). All of them do not have munaasabat (natural affinity and compatibility with Ilm) nor do they have fahm-e-saleem. Why do they not select from among the Talaba only those who are fit for pursuing this course? 

A special course should be arranged for students who lack the natural ability (for the Aalim-Faadhil course of study). They should not be taught further than this special course which should cover the Dhuroori masaa-il.”

(End of Hadhrat Thanvi’s advice)

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