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The enclosed leaflet will give you an idea about a new development for us — the learners at our Islamic School Madrasah and Musjid.

The “Islamic Youth Development” Group is full out to arrange soccer and other sports, etc. at our school. Already a “Inaugural” events has taken place and some of our parents are not too keen about this whole issue.

Our School has prepared a large soccer field with many lights for night games.

Your Comments and advices on this whole Youth Development issue will be greatly appreciated.

Jazakallah- On behalf of a few matriculants. Regrettably, our names cannot be released for our safety. What should we do?


From the perspective of the Shariah, you are not faced with any conundrum. The Deen is a Straight and Glittering Pathway leading to Jannat. Muslims are cluttering and ruining Siraatul Mustaqeem with their own created misdeeds of fisq, fujoor and bid’ah. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“There is no obedience for anyone in anything which is disobedience  to Allah.”

All of you are adults in terms of Islam. You are liable for your own deeds and misdeeds. On the Day of Qiyaamah your argument of ‘not being safe’ will have no validity. While the organizers of these haraam kuffaar sports activities will have to bear the load of their own sins as well as the sins of all the students whom they had involved in the sins of kuffaar sport, etc., you too will have to answer and be convicted for indulgence in haraam.


It is your Waajib obligation to refuse participation in the haraam activities which the so-called ‘islamic’ organization has organized under the influence and by the inspiration of shaitaan. It is haraam for you to submit to the haraam instructions of your ‘islamic’ school. You should display some Imaani courage to refuse submission to haraam.


Your safety is not at all threatened. This is a baseless hallucination. You cannot be compelled to participate in the haraam sport nor can anyone in authority at the school harm you in any way whatsoever if you openly dissociate from the haraam activity. Remember that Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahyi Anil Munkar is not restricted to the Ulama.  Wherever laymen are able to discharge this obligation, it will be incumbent for them to offer naseehat. The fear you express for those who are behind these haraam kuffaar sports is most unbecoming of true Imaan.  You are fearing these people more than what you are supposed to fear Allah Azza Wa Jal. In fact, you are fearing lifeless shadows. When preference is given to the desires and instructions of people over and above the Commands and Prohibitions of Allah Ta’ala, then Allah Ta’ala will cast you to the people. His special Rahmat and Nusrat will be denied.

16 Safar 1440 - 26 October 2018


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