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A Brother from Stanger complaining about the defilement of the Musjid, says:


Turning The Musjid In To A Holiday Resort !!!


Assalamu Alykum Warahmatullahi warbarakaatuhu.It is quite upsetting that Commander In chief, Agent of iblees of Darush Shaitan, Mr Bayat and his henchmen decided to set up their merrymaking camp site which they deceptively portray as Sunnah Itikaaf, In the stanger Jamia Masjid.


From hijacking one third of the front section of the masjid with their bedding and bags and blankets - there is plenty of space downstairs for that - TO delaying Taraweeh saalah with a quick mock tafsir summary.


Here is a few things that Mr Bhayat introduced which surprisingly NO ONE ELSE EVER DID BEFORE - INCLUDING THE QUACK MR KAMALUDIN - It Is Imperative for Maulana Saheb To clear the air regarding certain issues that had just taken place.


Here are JUST SOME of the vile acts perpetrated by this DUMB molvi.


1. Turning The Musjid Into A Theme Park !!! - Hangers,bedding.etc..

BESIDES THE 1/3 of the front section of the Musjid which is used for salaah has been CORNERED OFF(mind you there is plenty of space at the back of the musjid and alsooo there is a downstairs specially catered for those who are performing itikaaf --- all part of the musjid  ---- not sahen area!!!!!!) for the "big hazrat".Also there are kurtas strewn all over,hangers hanging on the musjid windows etc... --- a complete disregard for the sanctity of the musjid. Ive never seen something like this before!!!!!


2. Loud Zikr Using The Microphone - Why A Nuasiance? -  After Fajr There Is A short Kitaab reading session as they call it. All brothers are requested to sit for it. After that "hazrat" starts his loud zikr sesssion USING THE MICROPHONE!!! There are speakers all round inside the musjid INCLUDING THE BACK AREA!!!! Because its the last 10 nights the musjid is almost always busy. People are reading quran in the back of the musjid,doing their own individual zikr & IBADAH etc....We had a case today where people ACTUALLY LEFT THE MUSJID DUE TO UNABLE TO DO THEIR OWN INDIVIDUAL IBADAH IN PEACE due to such loud zikr(DUE TO MICROPHONE)!!!! Isnt This disburdance causing takleef for people? IS INCOVENINCING PEOPLE AN IBADAH mufti bayat? This Is Strange!!! Shouldn't A Mufti of all people Know better?


3. Quick Mock Tafsir Summary BEFORE the Taraaweeh. Is This Jaaiz?

After the fard Salaahs the musallees are given a very short time to complete their 2 sunnats due to taraweeh. After the 2 sunnats ,well actually while people were STILL busy completing their 2 sunnats,this agent of iblees masqurading as a 'mufti saheb' stood up and WITH NO CONSIDERATION WHAT SO EVER TO THE MUSALLES WHO WERE STILL PERFORMING SALAAH BEGAN WITH HIS FLAPDOODLE!!!.  He Starts, and according to him it's a mini tafsir summary. Actually it's a QUICK MINI MOCK TAFSIR SUMMARY. Why impose on the musallies to listen to this? ive never seen this before. These Shayateen globe trotters are none other than fitna mongeres!!! introducing new things in the Deen!!!! Why not have the complete programme AFTER THE TARAWEEH?!?!?!


4. Feasting & Merrymaking Under The Guise Of "Refreshments"
Too much feasting and merrymaking. People are actually losing the real meaning and true understanding of Itikaaf.It Is very sad.But what can you expect if you keep the company of these wolves hiding under sheep clothes.?

26 Safar 1440 – 5 November 2018


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