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By Abu Alqama


My daughter is in matric. Next year she intends joining the medical school and hopes to finally qualify as a doctor. Some of my friends are strongly advising  me not to allow her to go university. Others are encouraging me to send her. They claim that it is important that we have Muslim women doctors as well to serve the community. Also they claim that a girl needs to have a career so that if Allah forbid, she is divorced or widowed, she would be able to support herself I require some urgent advice in this regard. What should I do?


This is an important question which should be understood in its correct  perspective. Therefore the following important points should first be firmly embedded in the heart and mind.

Our existence in this world is for a sublime purpose. It is to recognise our Creator and serve Him. In this short journey through this world we have to establish the Deen of Allah Ta'ala in our lives and on the entire earth. This is clearly explained in various aayats of the Qur'an and in the Ahadith (traditions) of Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam). Thus our foremost duty is towards our Creator and Sustainer. We have to tread every step in obedience to His commands.

Another aspect to re-affirm in our hearts and minds is that our sustenance is provided by Allah Ta'ala alone. While we have been ordered to adopt some permissible means of livelihood, it is most certainly not our efforts or intelligence that earns our daily bread. Sustenance comes only from Allah Ta'ala. For those who are obedient to Him, Allah Ta'ala provides sustenance to them with ease. Allah Ta'ala declares in the Qur'an-alKareem: "And whosoever fears Allah, He will make a way out (from problems and difficulties) for him and will grant him sustenance from sources that he cannot conceive. "

Having understood the above, now consider the question of sending your daughter to university. There are many aspects to this question, all of which cannot be dealt with here. We will only deal with this question from one angle which should be sufficient for a person who values the spark of Imaan, and who considers the protection of the Imaan, modesty and chastity of his daughter as vitally important and necessary.



Any person who has the least idea of what goes on at university campuses will agree that to a great extent they have become dens of vice. Many have lost their Imaan at these places. A few Ramadhaan's ago several Muslim boys and girls were openly eating at a local campus during the day. When reprimanded that it was Ramadhaan, their answer was: "What will Allah get if we stay hungry!" Which true Muslim can ever utter such a statement which could even cast one out of the pale of Islam. Yet this attitude was unheard of prior to their going to university.



You should also talk to those who are on campus and are aware of what goes on. Ask them about the number of unmarried Muslim girls who talk openly about what contraceptives they are using. Ask them about how many Muslim boys and girls on campus are NOT involved in illicit love affairs and they will give you a dismal percentage, Ask them about drug abuse on campus and they will paint a dreadful picture. This is just the tip of the iceberg. This is the kind of environment that you want to send your daughter into.



Supposing you were told to send your daughter to study because there is a need for Muslim women doctors. However, by the time she qualifies she will be either physically paralysed or totally blind or crippled, or you may receive her corpse, will you still be prepared to send her?  No sane person will be prepared to do so, despite the fact that the physical disability will last at the most until death (which is in any case inevitable). What then about the reality that your daughter could qualify as a spiritually dead person, or one whose Imaan and modesty is paralysed or badly disfigured.

As stated earlier, this is just one aspect which should be sufficient for a person who values the spark of Imaan and who cares for the chastity and modesty of his daughter.

28 Safar 1440 – 7 November 2018

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