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From the U.K., a concerned Brother writes:

Assalamu Alaykum

Respected Hadhrat Mufti Saheb

We pray this Email reaches you in good health 

A very worrying recent development in the UK.

, is the televised proclamation of Azaan by Maulvis/Apa’s in Cathedrals on occasion of Remembrance Sunday and other occasions of National Sorrow. 

The farcical behaviour and conduct of such Mullah’s/Apa’s in public is truly shocking 

Bad enough though this is, the effects upon Maktab Children is very worrying. 

Small children now lose any tabbi inhibition of visiting these temples of kufr. 

Hitherto, even Muslim Children attending State School, knew it was not permissible for Muslims to visit such venues, however now that Maulvi’s/Apa’s participate and no Alim/Ulama Body is prepared to publicly comment or even raise any complaint, their ‘dumb’ silence sends a message out to the children. 

Are we correct in assuming it is ‘haram’ to recite the Azaan on any occasions/venues except those stipulated by our Shareeah for acts of Deeni worship? 

We would like to issue statement’s highlighting the evil of such absurd conduct.

Please make du’a Allah Ta’ala grants us tawfeeq to proclaim Haqq, with Haqq Intention and in a Haqq Manner.

Was salam


(End of letter)

This is the era of dhalaal, fisq, fujoor and kufr. The worst mujrimeen (criminals) perpetrating this shaitaaniyat are the juhala molvis and jaahilaat apas whose egregious jahaalat is absolutely shocking. These people who are not true ulama, are in reality the Agents of Iblees. In the name of Islam they undermine the Deen and ruin the Imaan of the ignorant masses.


Athaan in the abodes of kufr, viz., the cathedrals, on the occasion of ‘Remembrance Sunday” and other occasions of “National Sorrow” is an act of kufr. It is kufr which expels the perpetrators from the fold of Islam.


Salaat is not valid behind such murtad molvi agents of shaitaan. It is Waajib to boot them out of the Musaajid and to sever all ties from these Helpers of Iblees. May Allah Ta’ala save the community from the Ibleesi shenanigans of these Agents of Iblees.

6 Rabiul Awwal 1440 -14 November 2018


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