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What goes on behind the scenes and behind the kurtas, topis, beards and burqahs in the so-called ‘islamic’ schools and even in the maktabs where apas and molvis satanically mingle, is absolutely shocking and lamentable in the extreme. The rotten transpirations bedevilling these institutions are not rarities. These shenanigans are the norm.

It is not one or two apas nor just one or two molvis not just one or two students who have written and explained the haraam rot which cannot be concealed under the carpet for too long. The following is the most recent complaint received from an Apa who has by Allah’s fadhl guided to abandon her teaching post at one of these evil schools in Gauteng. The Apa has provided her name, the name of the school and the names of the vile molvis involved in these shaitaani shenanigans. But, for the present we deem it inappropriate to publish these names.

Allaah Ta’ala is Saatirul Uyoob (The Concealer of sins). We hope and make dua that the scoundrels reflect, regret, resort to Taubah, and desist from their zina villainy perpetrated under cover of the ‘deen’. If they fail to understand the notoriety of their shaitaani perpetrations, Allah Ta’ala will thoroughly humiliate them.

The Apa writes:

(The words in italics in brackets are our comments)

“I was teaching Islaamiyah at the Islamic school in ………. I have taught there for 8 years and I was thriving during my time there. Although I was an aalimah (a jaahilah – The Majlis) and in pardah (mock purdah to deceive the stupid masses), I am ashamed to say I had no regard for pardah at all.

I would speak and intermingle with all the teachers at the school particularly the young males and the Christian male teachers (What type of Islamic school is this?) as well as the old male teachers. I would consider them to be like grandfather's to me. (Massive shaitaani self-deception to soothe the conscience). For years I was very happy and considered …………(name of school) to be like a home until I started to realise that I have indeed lost my hayaa (Imaani shame and modesty which is the intrinsic attribute of a Muslim female). The ameer of the school Maulana………….. became like a brother to me and I would engage with him on the phone telling him my life's ploughs, my ambitions and even my desires. (He was in fact the elder brother of Iblees who had seduced you).

What is more disturbing about this factor is that he is an aalim (a jaahil of the worse kind of Rijs and Hufaalah). He is married. Once he requested to see my face and even though I was in pardah I allowed him because he was just 'my brother' as we termed it. After that folly, it led to a handshake before we leave school everyday, and then to a hug. (This is the way in which shaitaan operates. Hadhrat Masihullah – Rahmatullah alayh – explained to us this gradual spreading of shaitaan’s snare. By degrees he cunningly tightens the grip of his tentacles. Ultimately the trapped moron no longer realizes what is happening to him. Shaitaan swallows him whole.)

Once he (i.e. the ‘maulana’ ameer) realized that this was a matter that could be seriously implicate and disgrace him, he pointed out to me how bad this was and I needed to have more modesty. (What a shameless rubbish comment! Unconcerned and unrepentant regarding his own zina commissions, he attempted to brush his seduction under the carpet by accusing only you).

I then felt extreme discomfort in his surroundings because it was almost so as to say that I had evil intentions with him and it weighed very heavy on my heart. Thereafter I started to get terribly sick, frequently fainting. It dawned on me that as a woman, automatically it would seem as I was the seducer and he would be let off scotch free since his married into a rich family. I never realised that due to my ignorance of observing proper hijab and upholding it correctly (No, it was due to your shaitaaniyat), I was now a victim of this sin and little did I know how deeply it would affect my life. (You were the victim of your evil nafs. You were with the scoundrel molvi an equal perpetrator of zina. You have no valid excuse for your misdeeds of moral turpitude).

As months went by, the fainting became more and more. Whenever I would be in his company I would have an uncomfortable amount of discharge flowing to the point where i would sit in the toilet at school and cry my eyes out. My life was becoming a nightmare. At night I would see things in my room tugging at me, trying to hurt me and even trying to sleep with me. (You used the cover of the Deen for the vice and immorality, hence shaitaan became your companion).

I realised that even though he (the scoundrel molvi) might have looked like the man with integrity, and to say we need to stop talking, he instead took his filthy game to a worse level where nobody would understand and know. After that the old male teachers started touching on me and even another staff member who is married and who is a haafiz started touching me inappropriately and on inappropriate places. I now knew that to protect myself and my izzat (honour), I needed to give up the (deceptive) status I enjoyed, and give up the money I received, and to walk out of that disgusting environment. (Express your gratitude to Allah Ta’ala for having guided you and for having extricated you from that moral mess and rot).

My family said that I am over reacting and that because I am the one experiencing the trouble it must be me that is having impure thoughts about these men.  Nevertheless, I left ………….(the school) with no warning. 

In the afternoons I established a maktab/madressah at my home where I had over 100 students that I taught. When my uncle and his friend from Johannesburg, Maulana……….. stepped in to assist I continued getting more and more sick to the point where I was barely teaching anymore. I figured out that every time I would be around this maulana at maktab, the same conditions and symptoms that I experienced with the maulana at the school, were occurring. I thought maybe it is me, maybe I am impure I became thoroughly depressed as it seemed that being so casual about my hijab, Allah was surely punishing me. But later on Allah revealed to me that this maulanal was looking for a second wife, and I understood why I felt so uncomfortable around him. I was proud of my decision to leave even though the madressah was my life and greatest achievement.

The more seriously I wore my hijab the more I could see the evil of these aalims (scoundrel jaahils) and how they take advantage of women. They protect the izzat of their own wives and daughters but will take advantage of other women and ruin their izzat. I came to the point where I knew that I had to choose the maktab or my izzat, and I chose my izzat. I am now currently at home.

I feel a heavy weight of guilt. The attacks I receive from these jinnaat happens all the time and I am still in this horrid environment. My family then did a ritual on me from the khanqah in Lenasia and…………………… from Durban was in charge of this ritual. The evening before this ritual was done while I was affected negatively with jinn my brother called his brother in law Maulana…………….. and put me on speaker phone while he listened to my brother entertaining the creature.

The ritual consisted of clay pots that were used. Strange blue inked symbols were drawn on sheets of paper and burned wrapped in cotton wool with mustard oil. We had to stare at the fire till it burnt out.  Thereafter my hair nails and underwear were placed in a packet with a red cloth with the intestines of a sheep and moved around my head like tawaaf. It was said to me that its to remove jinn but it hasn't helped me. I realize that the ritual was haraam and I pointed it out to them.

They said I don't know what I'm saying and mufti………. sanctioned it with the jamiat…….. They asked me if I am claiming to be better than muftis and more knowledgeable I told them I didn't care which mufti sanctioned it, haraam is haraam. They forced me to do the ritual and my life is in greater darkness ever since. My family doesn't know the difficulties I am undergoing and if I tell them, they say that I am living in a jinn’s world. I carry so much guilt of my ignorance about, men but more so it feels as though these people are all hurting me in a way where no one can physically see I am drowning in an ocean of darkness and I don't know how to get out of it.

I can't sleep at night as I see jinn  coming to me I feel them trying to sleep with me I was taught how to do ruqya to protect myself but my mom has forbade me further as she says that it is just putting me in a jinn’s world. My mom brother and uncle's have no backbone to protect me physically from the atrocities of these evil men. They want me to pretend that none of this exists and that it's all imagination. I must just move on they say.

The initial reason for this email was because I know there are many women like me suffering and we are silenced because: “Where is the proof?” I want these people to be investigated and exposed for whatever evil they have done. But, I have heard a clip from mufti menk (this character is among the vilest agents of Iblees) where he said that Allah’s curse is upon the person who speaks ill of the ulama and the person who speaks bad of what the ulama do, and that they shouldn't be bashed openly in public. (These rubbishes are not Ulama. They are the worst scoundrels- veritable devils in human form). So now I am not sure what exactly should be done. However, this is my condition. I don't expect anyone to understand, and as women we are always blamed to say perhaps we are the ones who seduced the men, or perhaps we having the evil thoughts, but, Allah Knows best. (The women and the men indulging in zina shenanigans under cover of holy veneers, are equal in blame. Neither are there extenuating circumstances for the women nor for the scoundrel molvis who  perpetrate such disgraceful and revolting  acts of zina abomination. Understand well, that the punishment commanded by Allah Ta’ala for zina, applies equally to men and women. Women should not find excuses for exculpating themselves. The women and the men are equal in the satanism of seduction. May Allah grant understanding and aafiyah. Jazakallah      Wasalaam

End of the Apa’s letter)


The evil effects you are currently suffering are the consequences of having violated the laws of Allah Ta’ala under Deeni guise. The so-called ‘aalims’ who have seduced you are agents of shaitaan. They camouflage their zina perpetrations with a false ‘deeni’ veneer. They advertise themselves as Deeni personnel when in reality they are devils in human form (shayaateenul ins).

You and they have recklessly and flagrantly sinned and violated Allah’s Laws. The sins which you and the satanic moron molvis have been persistently committed are worse than the zina of known prostitutes who do not sin under ‘deeni’ cover. The maktab, madrasah and so-called ‘islamic’ school are used as cover for filth and immorality. Therefore, the effects you are now suffering are forms of Allah’s punishment.

Allah Ta’ala has been merciful to you by taking you out of that filthy, immoral environment where human-devils donning Islamic garb indulge in zina as a norm. This is the rotten state of affairs in all so-called ‘islamic’ schools. The vast majority of these apas and the molvis who are at these shaitaani institutions are rotten with vice and immorality whilst they project an outward facade of piety and knowledge. But in reality they are juhala and shayaateen.

You are not the only apa who have apprized us of the rotten state of the molvi-apa vice which bedevils these institutions. Your parents are complicit in the evil and in your spiritual ruin. They lack Deeni understanding in entirety hence they are advising you to follow the path leading to Jahannam.

Recite Aayatul Kursi, the last Ruku’ of Surah Baqara and the three Qul Surahs daily, night and day, and supplicate to Allah Ta’ala for protection against the evil satanic forces attacking you. Engage frequently in Taubah. Allah Ta’ala forgives all sins when a person makes Taubah sincerely. Do not participate in the evil rituals to which they had subjected you. All of them are scoundrels.

These molvis, according to Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) are the worst rot under the “canopy of the sky”. They are rijs (filth), rotten to the core, and their abode is Jahannam. Their sins are not like the sins of ordinary juhala. They sin like immoral atheists. They believe in the ‘fadhaa-il’ (virtues) of their filth and immorality. That is why they use the Deen, the Madrasah and the Musjid as cover for their immoral villainy. They have draped themselves in immoral shaitaaniyat without suffering the slightest validation of Imaani conscience. They justify their flagrant violation of the Shariah’s ahkaam of Hijaab with twiddling an abundance of twiddle.

They will continue cavorting with the devil in their fisq and fujoor until the Athaab of Allah Azza Wa Jal overtakes them and thoroughly disgraces them. You are fortunate that Allah Ta’ala has extricated you from the vortex of immorality which these shaitaani molvi scoundrels operate in their so-called ‘deeni’ institutions.

It is our supplication that Allah Ta’ala saves the Ummah from these highway robbers and scoundrels who rob Muslims of their morality and Imaan.

8 Rabiul Awwal 1440 – 16 November 2018


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