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Sheer desperation in its scramble to justify participation in the rituals of kufr and shirk at the recent Hindu wedding in Cape Town, has constrained the juhala maajin ‘mufti’, Taha Karaan and the other wayward ‘sheikhs’ of the MJC to fabricate a compounded kufr concept – the concept of sanitized kufr.

According to this confounded concept of compound kufr, idol-worship and bowing to idols are not kufr if the intention underlying the sajdah for the idols is not belief in the idols. The maajin (moron) mufti of the MJC has sunk into this heinous kufr of so-called ‘sanitization’ of even sajdah to an idol by negating the self-evident kufr of this evil deed.


This new devilish concept of sanitizing kufr to negate kufr is the logical extension of the MJC’s concept of sanitizing carrion. From sanitizing carrion they have degenerated into sanitizing kufr. The MJC and its ilk such as SANHA, NIHT, etc. have ruined the Imaan and Akhlaaq of the community by feeding Muslims ‘sanitized’ carrion chickens and meat, and even ‘sanitized’ pork/vark. The ingestion of sanitized or halaalized carrion was the first step in the plot of Iblees to ‘sanitize’ kufr for the ultimate effacement of Imaan. The wholesale consumption of sanitized carrion has totally destroyed all Imaani inhibition to haraam, hence the hearts have become fertile to accept sanitized kufr.


Just imagine! It is mind-boggling that those who parade as ulama sanitizing/halaalizing even sajdah to idols. To depths to which these villains have sunk is shockingly lamentable. Solely to justify their haraam participation in the wedding of shirk and kufr, and to vindicate their position in their society, they are prepared to ruin their Aakhirat by diluting the villainy and abhorrence of shirk and kufr. Just imagine prostrating to an idol not being shirk!!! There is not a Muslim on earth – a true Muslim – regardless of his ignorance who will ever accept that  prostrating to an idol is not shirk and kufr. Nothing is hate by Allah Ta’ala as much as shirk and kufr. The worst type of shirk is to make sajdah for an idol regardless of the stupid hallucinated ‘frame of mind’ postulated by the MJC mudhilleen.


Taha Karaan had unearthed a statement of the sixth century Ibn Taimiyyah, then misinterpreting it, cited it as his basis for sanitizing idol-worship. The logical conclusion of sanitizing kufr and shirk is to desanitize Qur’aanic Tauheed.  The slightest vestige of shirk is totally incompatible with the rigid uncompromising stance of Qur’aanic Tauheed. In fact, making sajdah for an idol is the very antithesis of Islamic Tauheed. It negates the very first fundamental doctrine of Islam.


Only brains which have become despoiled and convoluted by the urination of Iblees who urinates into the ears of such juhala characters who sanitize kufr and carrion, are capable of contending so shamelessly and flagrantly that  prostrating to an idol is not kufr.


The satanic process of sanitizing kufr to make it palatable and acceptable to the ignorant masses is not something new. It has been predicted by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). The evil molvis and sheikhs are the chief exponents of this concept of shirk. It is for this reason that Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had expressed greater fear for these aimmah mudhilleen than for even Dajjaal. The aimmah mudhilleen (leaders of misguidance) are the vermin we term ‘ulama-e-soo’. They are the molvis and sheikhs of evil bodies such as MJC, NNB jamiat of Fordsburg, SANHA, etc.


Allah’s devastating Athaab will settle on the sanitizers of kufr and on all those who follow these shaitaani morons who masquerade as ulama. During the Muslim reign of Spain, the palace ulama had also adopted a policy of sanitizing flagrant sin although not so flagrantly as perpetrated by the MJC juhala who have actively participated in Hindu rituals, and who have sunk into the sewerage gutters of villainy by sanitizing idol worship. In Spain the ulama-e-soo’ – the bootlickers of the Sultans – had fabricated the fatwa of permitting the construction of statues of members of the royal family to be placed at vantage points for the public to view. Their satanic logic to justify this act of kufr was to enhance the honour of the rulers.


The ultimate consequence of this evil policy of sanitizing of sin was the destruction of Muslim rule and the expulsion of the entire Muslim populace from Spain.  Allah Ta’ala made the kuffaar the rulers of Spain, Every vestige of Islam was eliminated in Spain. Here too, in our midst, the primary eliminators of Islam are the ulama-e-soo’ such as the MJC clique, NNB jamiat scoundrels and the like.


The participation of Muslims in the wedding of shirk and kufr, especially those who project themselves as ulama, and the attempt to halaalize idol-worship must be vigorously opposed. It will be salubrious for the juhala of the MJC to understand that their attempt to sanitize kufr will not be accepted by even the ignorant masses.


This discussion shall, Insha-Allah, continue in further articles.

21 Jamaadul Ulaa 1440 - 28 January 2019


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