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The KZN Jamiat, a poodle of the MJC and NNB jamiat, and a member of the bogus ‘uucsa’ paper organization consisting of a medley of fussaaq, qabar pujaaris and zanaadaqah, has been quick to issue a public statement on the Rajab hilaal issue at the behest of its handlers. 

In terms of the Shariah, hilaal announcements of the KZN Jamiat are unacceptable due to the fact that it (the KZN Jamiat) relies on the word and so-called ‘shahaadat’ (baseless in terms of the Shariah) of fussaaq and worse. The MJC sheikhs are unreliable in terms of the Shariah, hence their testimony is not valid. It is an established principle of the Shariah that the testimony/shahaadat of a faasiq is unacceptable. These MJC sheikhs and NNB jamiat molvis are worse than faasiqs. They are mudhilleen of the worst kind. 

Just recently the MJC sheikhs condoned and even justified worhipping the Hindu fire gods at a haraam wedding ceremony. The seven circumambulations of the Hindu ‘holy’ fire as an act of devotion to the fire gods was condoned by sheikhs of the bogus uucsa body of which the KZN Jamiat is an affiliate. 

For the purposes of making hilaal announcements, the poodle Jamiat KZN requires a directive from this uucsa whose sheikhs were participants of the kufr-shirk wedding ceremony. Then they further issued statements to condone and justify their participation. The KZN Jamiat did not have a word of criticism for these sheikhs of kufr and shirk who are issuing the instructions. On the contrary, this miserable poodle jamiat finds it appropriate to be an affiliate of the enemies of Allah Ta’ala, dancing to their tune. 

The KZN Jamiat speaks stupidly of ‘protocol’ which only extracts mirth. Maulana Mas’ood Parker was under no obligation to provide shahaadah to the incompetent and unqualified poodle body. In addition, shahaadat is not valid by telephone nor by letter. Furthermore, the KZN Jamiat demonstrates its own jahaalat by requesting ‘shahaadat’ via its stupid ‘shahaadat’ form. Shahaadat by letter or form is not valid. Shahaadat is validly delivered only in person. 

The silly protocol of the KZN Jamiat permits it to accept the ‘shahaadat’ of fussaaq MJC and bogus uucsa affiliates, but not the announcements of the Ulama-e-Haqq. Confirmation of the sighting was in the statements made by the Ulama-e-Haqq. The poodle molvis had full awareness of the confirmation. Their Molvi Ahmad Mohammedy was in contact with our man, with whom he always stays in contact, and he was thus fully aware that the Mujlisul Ulama of S.A. had confirmed the sighting. However, in order to fulfil the command of his fussaaq handlers it was ‘waajib’ upon him to act in line with stupid protocol which has no Shar’i significance. 

The ‘perspective’ of which the KZN Jamiat poodles speak in their statement is another laughable aspect of the stupid saga they have kicked up about nothing. The issue is the ‘confirmation of the hilaal’. The Shariah’s perspective does not require written confirmation. Confirmation by word is more than adequate. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) confirmed the sighting by a verbal statement of a total stranger – an illiterate village dweller upon his declaration of Imaan. If the uucsa sheikh who condoned the shirk of worshipping the Hindu fire gods, and who happens to be bogus uucsa’s president, had to phone Molvi Mohammedy and issue his directive regarding confirmation, then this Molvi, like a poodle, would have had no option but to lap up the disgorgement of the faasiq/zindeeq and concur with the confirmation. 

Molvi Mohammedy was fully aware that the Mujlisul Ulama of S.A. had confirmed the sighting. The only reason for not accepting our confirmation was nafsaaniyat and orders of the fussaaq handlers. If Molvi Mohammedy feels that the Mujlisul Ulama has LIED on this hilaal issue, then he should take a Qasam in Allah’s Name that our confirmation is baseless in terms of the Shariah, and that he does not accept our word. For him the word of those who condoned the shirk of worshipping the Hindu fire gods has greater importance. 

A similar scenario is possible regarding the Ramadhaan and Eid hilaals. These bogus callers for unity are the very first to cause dissension with the unnecessary confusion they create at the behest of nafsaani objectives.



While valid difference of opinion based on Shar’i grounds, is acceptable, difference on the based on stupid ‘protocol’ fabricated by fussaaq is unacceptable. Those who call for ‘unity’ even at the expense of compromising the Deen by accommodating baatil, have lost their sanity by creating dissension on an issue which is not in conflict with the Shariah and for which there is ample scope for acceptance. The only requisite for avoiding dissension on issues of this nature, is to overcome nafsaani objectives.


The ludicrous insistence on shahaadat for the Rajab hilaal by the Zig-Zag KZN Jamiat is baseless on two grounds:


(1) Shahaadat is not valid by a written form. A valid Shahaadat has to be discharged in person. Shahaadat is not valid by letter, telephone and internet messages and silly tele-conferences.


(2) Khabr-e-Saadiq is adequate for the confirmation of the Rajab hilaal as well as for other months.


The insistence by Maulana Mohammedy that Maulana Parker issues a written statement as ‘shahaadat’ is a portrayal of his ignorance of the Shar’i concept of Shahaadat. We advise him to study Mufti Muhammad Shafi’s Jawaahirul Fiqh for easy reference, Hadhrat Mufti Shafi (Rahmatullah alayh) has presented an easy synopsis for comprehension.


Another aspect which confirms the nafsaaniyat underlying the KZN Jamiat’s refusal to accept our confirmation is their acceptance of the word of the MJC and NNB jamiat by telephone for the other months besides Ramadhaan and Shawwaal. Now why does this Zig-Zag entity accept the telephonic information of fussaaq, zanaadaqah and bid’ati personnel while rejecting the word of the Ulama-e-Haqq? The word of those who condoned the worship of the seven Hindu gods at the Hindu ‘holy’ fire, is valid for the miserable Zig-Zag Jamiat, whilst the word of an Aadil is not acceptable! This is the effect of the stupid, upside down ‘protocol’ which the bogus uucsa has imposed on their poodle KZN Jamiat.


We re-iterate that the ‘shahaadah form’ of the Zig-Zag KZN Jamiat is not valid in terms of the Shariah. We have been informed that for confirming the Eid moon, the Zig-Zag entity sends two molvis to Cape Town for the purpose of Shahaadat. If they believe sincerely that their ‘shahaadah form’ is valid, then what constrains them to go to the expense of despatching two molvis to Cape Town? What prevents them from the written ‘shahaadat’? They are in gross self-contradiction. They do not know whether they are coming or going, moving forwards or reversing. They exhibit pure jahl with this self-contradiction.


In the matter of confirming the hilaal, it is ignorance to adopt bigotry and to exercise uncalled for rigidity to uphold protocols which are not Shar’i requisites. There is considerable latitude despite the stipulation of the three types of Shahaadat, viz. Shahaadat alal Rooyat, Shahaadat alash Shahaadat and Shahaadat ala Qadhail Haakimish Shar’i. The third form is obviously not available in this era since there is no Qaadhi of the Shariah.


Molvis should study carefully the detailed information on this issue provided by Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thaanvi (Rahmatullah alayh) in Vol.1 of Imdaadul Fataawa. If they study with open minds, not with the bigotry necessary for peddling the stupidity and baatil of the paper, bogus uucsa and the zindeeq MJC and NNB jamiat characters, they will understand that Ghalbah Zann and Khabr-e-Saadiq are determinants for confirmation in all months, even for the occasions of Eid, and even when the skies are clear. However, for the sake of rectitude and to avoid chaos and fitnah caused by juhala, certain conditions have to be imposed. But to view the scenarios with fossilized brains (JUMOOD) is the function of juhala, not of Ulama. Lest juhala misconstrue the degree of latitude provided by the Shariah, we shall refrain from expounding this issue with detail. Nevertheless, genuine Ulama should edify and fortify themselves with valid Ilm to extricate themselves from the doubts and confusion of the type created by the Zig-Zag KZN Jamiat at the behest of its fussaaq and Zanaadaqah handlers of bogus uucsa.


The KZN Jamiat has blown a lot of nonsensical hot air full of stupid sound and fury signifying nil. There is absolutely no valid grounds for having stirred up a controversy over this non-issue, viz. the Rajab hilaal. May Allah Ta’ala guide us all and save us from the fitnah of the morons, juhala, zanaadaqah and mubtadieen. 




For the purpose of confirming the sighting of the hilaal of the Islamic months, the Zig-Zag KZN Jamiat, at the behest of the bogus, paper uucsa entity, has included in its laughable ‘protocol’, a so-called ‘shahadat’ form which is used for ascertaining the validity of a sighting of the hilaal.


If the report of even persons whose adaalat is known and established does not conform to the dictates of the stupid form, the report is rejected despite its validity and acceptability in terms of the Shariah.


The plethora of unnecessary and unrelated information in western kuffaar style, following them into the “lizard’s hole”, is not Shar’i requisites for confirming a sighting. In emulation of kuffaar protocols at the behest of MJC zindeeq sheikhs and zindeeq molvis of the NNB jamiat of Fordsburg, their poodle, the Zig-Zag KZN Jamiat, has prepared a silly form.


It behoves these molvis to edify themselves by engaging in a thorough and panoptic study of all aspects related to the hilaal. Currently, they are following their nafs, hence they are entangled in shenanigans which create dissension and unnecessary controversy in the Muslim community.


It is indeed a travesty of the Shariah, akin to zandaqah to even unintentionally set aside the protocol of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) for the adoption of a silly westernized form to conform with the ‘protocol’ of the zindeeq sheikhs and molvis. It is indeed unacceptable and lamentably shocking to observe that this Zig-Zag KZN Jamiat is prepared to accept the dictates and directives of such MJC sheikhs who had participated very recently in a wedding of a professed Muslim female to a Hindu man in a Hindu ceremony in which seven mythical gods were worshipped around the Hindu ‘holy’ fire. They performed seven ‘shauts’ of a ‘tawaaf’ around the Hindu firegods. Furthermore, these bogus uucsa sheikhs justified this shirk and kufr by claiming that this flagrant and blatant act of shirk is not kufr. While the Zig-Zag KZN Jamiat finds it imperative to accept the word of such Zindeeq personnel, it had deemed it appropriate to reject the sighting which was confirmed by the Mujlisul Ulama of S.A. despite the fact that in our presence, Maulana Ahmed Mohammedy, the ameer of the Zig-Zag KZN Jamiat behaves as if he is a ‘bosom friend’. His manner now displays the hidden nifaaq he cherishes and relishes in his heart for the Ulama-e-Haqq.


Let us now see what was Rasulullah’s protocol regarding confirmation of a sighting. The following is the Arabic text of the Hadith in Abu Dawood and other Hadith kutub:





“Verily, once the people doubted regarding the Ramadhaan hilaal and decided not to perform Salaat (Taraaweeh on that night) and not to fast (the next day). The came an A’raabi (an illiterate village dweller) from Al-Harrah, and testified that he had seen the hilaal. He was then taken to Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) who said to him: ‘Do you testify that there is no deity but Allah and that I am Allah’s Rasool?” The A’raabi said: ‘Yes!’, and he testified that he had seen the hilaal. Then Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) instructed Bilaal (Radhiyallahu anhu). Then he (Bilaal) announced to the people to perform Salaat and to fast the next day.”


This was the protocol of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). This is the protocol of the Shariah. It is a protocol free of the stupid frills and fancies of western-emulated silly forms designed to convey ‘expertise’ and ‘officiality’.

Noteworthy is that this testifier was a total stranger to Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). He was furthermore an illiterate simpleton from an outlying village such as Grobblerhoop. Whilst the Sahaabah were uncertain regarding the commencement of Ramadhaan, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) decreed the confirmation of the sighting based on the testimony of the solitary village dweller, and on the basis of his declaration of the Kalimah, not on the basis of a silly so-called ‘shahaadah’ form which has no validity in the Shariah. It has no validity since shahaadat is discharged in person, not by means of forms.


On the basis of Rasulullah’s protocol, the Fuqaha have ruled that when the sky is overcast, then the report of even one aadilah woman is adequate for confirming the hilaal of Ramadhaan. On the occasion of Rajab, the skies all over the country, including Grobblerhoop where Maulana Mas’ood Parker and some others sighted the hilaal, were overcast. The confidence we repose on the sighters was ample for confirming the sighting. Shahaadat was not an imperative requisite. It should not be overlooked, that shahaadat in terms of the silly form is not a valid shahaadat.


There is a difference between a true report (Khabr-e-Saadiq) and testimony (Shahaadat). Explaining the difference, Hadhrat Muhammad Shafi’ (Rahmatullah alayh) expounds in his Jawaahirul Fiqh:



“If one reliable, trustworthy person verbally or by telephone presents information regarding an issue, and if his voice is recognized, or if he delivers a letter which is recognized, then the audience has no doubt regarding the truth of such information. He has full confidence in it and it is permissible to act accordingly. Generally in all matters, the whole world acts according to such information. However, if he desires to impose his yaqeen on others, then it is necessary to confirm it by means of shahaadat.”


And, shahaadat is not by forms and telephone. It has to be compulsorily discharged in person. Mufti Muhammad Shafi (Rahmatullah alayh) has in his Jawaahirul Fiqh explained the three types of Shahaadat. The validity of all three types is reliant on personal testification, not on forms, telephone calls, and stupid whatsapp messages.


The insistence of the Zig-Zag KZN Jamiat that Maulana Parker presents written ‘shahaadat’ on its stupid so-called ‘shahaadah’ form is the effect of jahaalat. The Mujlisul Ulama of S.A. confirmed the sighting in terms of Khabr-e-Saadiq. Therefore, no one has the right to contest our confirmation and decree. Yes, it is not imperative for others who have no confidence on us or who are the camp followers of the zindeeq sheikhs and molvis of the bogus uucsa paper entity, to accept our announcement. However, since these miscreant molvis and sheikhs deficient in Fiqhi masaa-il and crazily emulating western ways and norms, are generally vociferous on the issue of ‘unity’ of the community to such an extent that they resort to wholesale compromising of the Shariah, they had no valid reason for creating confusion and dissension regarding the Rajab hilaal. The one and only reason for their non-acceptance was nafsaaniyat.


Their rotten pride did not permit them to submit to the Haqq. They claim that their bogus paper uucsa is the sole representative of the Ulama and the Muslim community of South Africa. Thus, these morons are unable to accept the Haqq which others announce. There is absolutely no valid Shar’i reason for the Zig-Zag KZN Jamiat to have rejected the sighting which the Mujlisul Ulama had confirmed.


This scenario can repeat itself for the Ramadhaan and Eid hilaals. These juhala molvis and sheikhs will be responsible for the ensuing dissension and confusion by conflicting announcements, from us and them. People of baatil are unable to swallow their rotten pride. The Shariah is not the determinant by them. Their stupid protocol spawned by their nafs is the determinant.



السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته


I never thought i will see the day that Ulama will behave like politicians and try to talk their way out of any sticky situation. If one tells a lie, one has to tell 10 other lies to cover up the one lie. When people begin to lie to themselves, especially with regard to Shar'i issues - which has the possibility of impacting upon the Ibaadah of thousands of Muslims - then they must fear for their Iman and repent.


Jamiatul Ulama Natals' response was a typical example of trying to mislead the public, by making excuses for refusing to accept the moon sighting for Rajab, which was accepted and confirmed by Majlisul Ulama and Mufti AK Hoosen the very same night.


If it was the 1 Ramadan, would their Iman have allowed them to forego the tremendous reward of one fast of Ramadan and their Taraaweeh Ibaadah, to not ruffle the feathers of Uucsa leaders. Those that made the decision not to accept the confirmation by the Majlisul Ulama have far greater question marks on their adaalah. If it was the 1st Ramadan, would they have still stuck to their illusionary protocol? If it was the 1 Ramadan would they have waited until the next day to get Shahaada from those who sighted the moon.


May Allah guide those Ulama to understand their own nifaq in making Allahs Law a plaything, and to make sincere taubah. May Allah guide them and all Ulama never to sell out the Ummah and Deen of Allah. May they make Allah's Pleasure and the benefit of the Ummah their foremost aim in the future.

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