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“St. Paul's College pupils sang a beautiful hymn after they were invited inside the Al-Masjid Al Jāmie Mosque in Ponsonby yesterday.

A teacher told 1 NEWS that all students from years 9-13 had gone down to the mosque to sing, but were surprised to be asked to come inside.

"It was just to show our support and stand in solidarity with the Muslim community,' he said.

"We were meant to just walk up, say a prayer and sing a song outside but they were kind enough to invite us inside."

The group sang a sombre but beautiful rendition of 'Mō Maria' - a Māori language hymn.


Undoubtedly, the perpetration of this act of shirk inside the Musjid further testifies to the Truth of the Nubuwwat of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) who had mentioned that among the Signs of Qiyaamah, will be the worship of the cross (the shirk and kufr worship of the Nasaara) inside the Musaajid. The shirk inside the Musjid was by the invitation and making of munaafiqeen who masquerade as Muslims. It is inconceivable for true Muslims to invite the commission of shirk anywhere, leave alone inside a Musjid which is the Bastion of Tauheed.


The Christian group which expressed their solidarity with Muslims had not gate-crashed into the Musjid. They were invited by people who profess to be Muslims to sing the hymn of shirk inside the Musjid. ‘Maria’ or Mary is a god of the Christians. How is it possible for people of true Imaan, to invite Nasaara into the Musjid for singing a song of shirk? Even if the song was in praise of only The One Creator, Allah Azza Wa Jal, then too it would be haraam and kufr to have it sung inside the Musjid or anywhere else if it is a hymn (a religious song of the Nasaara).


Regarding these bootlicking ‘muslims’ parading as Muslims, the Qur’aan Majeed states:


“Give the munaafiqeen the tidings of a painful punishment. They are those who take as friends the kaafireen besides the Mu’mineen. What! Do they search for honour by them? (Know) that, verily, all honour belongs to only Allah.”

(An-Nisaa’, 138 and 139)

“What! Do they (these bootlickers) hanker after the law of jaahiliyyah? Whose law is more beautiful than the Law of Allah for people who have Imaan?

O People of Imaan! Do not take the Yahood and Nasaaraa as friends. They are mutual friends to one other. Whoever among you (Muslims) befriends then, verily he is of them. Most certainly, Allah does not guide a nation of zaalimeen”.                                (Al-Maaidah, 50 and 51)

That the carnage which played itself out in the two Musjids was Allah’s Athaab for the Muslim community, therein is no doubt. Muslims who are accepting kufr and shirk, not only in New Zealand, but in other countries as well must brace themselves for further acts of Divine Chastisment. Allah’s Athaab will assume the form of a variety of calamities. No one and no power, and no government and no amount of bootlicking will thwart the Athaab of Allah Azza Wa Jal.


The rotten moral condition of the Ummah – the condition which embraces fisq, fujoor, bid’ah, shirk and kufr – has justified the Decree of Allah’s Athaab. These bootlicking munaafiqeen masquerading as Muslims labour under intense deception by hallucinating that any government or solidarity shown by non-Muslims will protect and save them from the type of carnage which has been committed recently at the two New Zealand Musjids. Regardless of posting armed guards and policemen at the Musaajid, and regardless of whatever other security measures may be introduced, Allah’s Punishment will apprehend the treacherous transgressors who masquerade as Muslims. Warning us, the Qur’aan Majeed declares:


“And, if Allah withholds (aid from you), then who is there besides Him to aid you?”

15 Rajab 1440 - 22 March 2019

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