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The Ahmadi kuffaar who are the followers of the false prophet, Mirza Gulam Ahmad, are not Muslims. This kuffaar sect masquerades as Muslims. They have their centre in Cape Town in Manly Road, Athlone.

Many Muslims are deceived into believing that the Ahmadis are Muslims. The deception is based on their claim of believing in the Kalimah Laa ilaha il lallaah Muhammadur Rasulullah. Mere recitation of the Kalimah of Islam without 100% belief in all the Aqaaid (Beliefs) of Islam does not render the reciter a Muslim.

He remains a kaafir if he rejects even one belief of Islam or interpolates one extra belief into Islam, or if he changes the meaning of any belief or tenet of Islam from the meaning which has reached us from the Sahaabah. There are many kufr aberrations in the Qaadiani religion of which the Ahmadiyyah is a sect.

The Finality of Nubuwwat, viz., there is no Nabi after Muhammad (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), is the fundamental basis for the kufr of all Qaadianis. Qaadianis are the followers of Gulam Mirza Ahamd of Qadian which is now in Pakistan. The Ahmadiyyah group is a sect of Qaadianism. Whilst they claim to accept Mirza Gulam as a ‘reformer’, not as a prophet, their claim is satanically deceptive. Gullible and ignorant Muslims are sometimes entangled in this deception. Even if they believe that Mirza Gulam was a reformer, it is kufr to believe that a man who claimed to be a Nabi is a reformer. So, beware of the deception of the Ahmadiyyah Muslim Jamaat which operates from Cape Town.

20 Rajab 2019 - 27 March 2019


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