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Another paper, fake body such as BOGUS ‘uucsa’ has popped up like a jack-in-the box. This fake, paper entity dubbing itself ‘muslim supreme council of south africa’ with its fake ‘grand mufti of south africa’, some non-entity called ‘sultan sheikh yasin muhammad yaqeenullah’, issued a deceptive statement of stupidity regarding the  new moon of Ramadhan. 

The council of juhala making the baatil claim that the moon for Ramadhaan was sighted and confirmed on Sunday 5th May, is guilty of a scandalous major sin. The moon was NO WHERE sighted in South Africa. A tiny group of ignoramuses in opposition to the entire Muslim community of South Africa began their fake ‘ramadhaan’ on Monday 6th May when it was the 30th Sha’baan. 

This fake council of juhala also propagates the permissibility of 8 raka’t Taraaweeh thus betraying its ties with the deviant Salafi juhala. Beware of this council of juhala. Do not be misled by the deceptions of this council of juhala with its jaahil self-appointed ‘grand mufti of south africa’. There is no Grand Mufti in any country of the world today. Stupid people claim to be grand muftis.

Regarding this shaitaan or dajjaal, a Brother, wrote: 

The man who goes by the name of "Yasin Muhammad Yaqeenullah", claiming to be the "Grand Mufti" of South Africa, is in fact a murtad enemy of Islaam. He claims to be Rasoolullaah صلى الله عليه وسلم and that Hadhrat Jibreel عليه السلام has been coming to him since 1999. He says that he was Rasoolullaah صلى الله عليه وسلم in his "previous life", and that he has been "brought back to life" to save the world. نعوذ بالله من الكفر والضلال

He is a lunatic charlatan from Uganda who is hoping to scam people out of their money with his ridiculous cult. On his official website, he issued a "Declaration of Sainthood" wherein he says that Jibreel عليه السلام came to him and told him that he is Rasoolullaah  صلى الله عليه وسلم.

I have attached the document to this email for Maulana. His website is:

Thus, he and whoever is associated with him are in fact Murtaddeen and this cult of theirs is nothing more than a scam to rob foolish people of their money. (End of letter) 

Beware of this latest Agent of Iblees! Beware of his trap which he is laying for the boodle.

2 Ramadhaan 1440 - 8 May 2019

Last Updated on Thursday, 09 May 2019 10:50  

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